Monday, June 29, 2015

Not Just Western Weddings

The wedding party for the this wedding will all be wearing Hot Pink Converse shoes and will be getting married at a New Jersey winery. As I was working on the flowers, I got to thinking about some of the different themed weddings that I have done.  When I tell me people I make burlap and lace wedding bouquets, they usually think its all about western weddings, but that's simply just not the case. That's kind of like saying everyone in Texas is a cowboy and we all ride horses to work everyday. There are a lot of cowboys in Texas and I've done a lot of country themed weddings, but there is so much more to Texas and burlap and lace! 

The bride was going for a rustic, romantic look with the vintage maroon to coordinate with the winery, pops of pink to tie in with the pink converse shoes, along with feathers and cream and tan burlap roses. 
This bouquet is part of an order for a Vintage Americana themed wedding with pip berries. This bouquet also had the vintage maroon burlap, along with navy, white and tan roses. The pip berries remind me of a primitive look. 
rustic red, white and blue bridal bouquet
This next wedding went all the way to Australia! She wanted book pages from the Three Musketeers book included in the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. I'll admit, I've never read the book, but the bride said it was a love story and wanted the pages tucked in with the fall colored burlap roses and twine.

I've had more than one Runaway Bride! Several customers have admitted their plans to elope and pack their bouquet and boutonniere in a suitcase! In this case, the bride  wanted a small bouquet to take with her.

I ask the bride what her theme was after she chose lime, black and silver, because I didn't think these colors were for a country wedding. Her reply was "City Meets Country." She was a city girl who met a country boy and lime was her favorite color.

Then there has been True Timber Snowfall Camo satin roses with turquoise and burlap for an elegant take on the camouflage wedding.
Then there has been several fall, hunting, woodsy, outdoorsy themed weddings

"Country Shic, Done Elegantly" was the theme for this feather and bling bouquet.

Vintage Glam Brooch Bouquet

This was the Pride and Prejudice wedding with book pages from the novel included along with the rustic red white, navy and tan roses.

Burlap and Lace Bridal
This was another winery wedding with earthy toned floral arrangements. This color combo was also used for a crawfish boil themed wedding. 
As I look back through the Featured Wedding Section of my blog tonight, there has been a Firefighters badge added to a bouquet along with Fire Truck pictures in Maine, back yard weddings,  church weddings, an elegant garden wedding, ranch weddings, farm / pasture weddings, and several nature settings  in over 45 states and 4 countries. So yes, burlap and lace has been included at many western, country weddings, yet the possibilities are endless. I'm sure brides have chosen many other wedding themes that did not come up in conversation.

 I would love to hear if you had a theme to your wedding or just went with favorite colors. Personally, we went with a mixture of bright colors (red, yellow, purple, with a splash of pink and white) for a outdoor, garden wedding.  My taste have sure changed since our wedding and I think I would do something more vintage junk themed with neutral colors now. But... that is no where in the plans, not going to happen, so I'll just stick to decorating our house and camper that way! 


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  1. Well, Janice, you know I love everything you do. I knew you were doing well with the weddings, but honestly didn't realize 45? Wow! That's awesome, girl.

    Love the hot pint converse!! I hope they send you pictures; I bet it will be wonderful and so very different.



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