Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blush pink and turquoise burlap wedding bouquets

When a blingy, jade / light turquoise / aqua burlap bouquet 

meets blush burlap, they collide and 

You get a gorgeous blush pink and turquoise wedding bouquet! 

This custom bouquet went out to an excited bride to be this week! 
Blush and white lace, along with pearls and rhinestones were nestled among the roses, creating a rustic romantic arrangement. 

I am loving this combination! I was cleaning up in the camper a couple nights ago and realized I had a turquoise and pink scheme going on in there as well. It kind of snuck in there, as I've never been much of a pink girl. There's something about old tattered quilts and hankies, that seems to go great with vintage lace and a little turquoise thrown in! 

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  1. Oh yes - loving the pink, blush & turquoise. so pretty. I hope the bride sends you pics :)


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