Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rope Your Dreams! {I quit my day job!}

Today is a bittersweet last day of my day job. I've been a floral designer at the same flower shop for 15 years. Its only the second job I've ever had, with the first working for my parents ranch while growing up. I had a birthday a few weeks ago and it really hit me- if not now, then when? It's time to do big things with your life and live your own dreams. I'm going to miss some of my dear customers at the flower shop and taking care of them, but the time has come for me to rope my dreams

(I might have a slight cuff addiction! This one made by Country Soul / Kristy Walters)

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Four years ago, I started my etsy shop and told hardly anyone about it. I was scared of failing. Would I succeed? Would anyone buy my products? Friends said, "you need your own store," but would people really buy things I make? The first year, all I made was my "Christmas money" and most of my Christmas gifts are all hand made, so it really wasn't much- just more supplies. It was a hobby that made a little extra money. Not really a success story, but I continued to make a few things anyway. After Christmas that year, I made my first burlap bouquet and listed it in my shop and it sold within 2 weeks. I started getting request for matching bridesmaid bouquets and other wedding related items. Things started to pick up and I seemed to have found my niche.

Between working full time at the flower shop, running the farm, and my shop, The last two years have been nearly non stop. Someone ask me on Instagram recently "how do you do it all?" My answer: I don't know! I answered etsy messages and email while eating breakfast, went to work at the flower shop, checked cows in the afternoon, came home, juggled house chores and filling etsy orders. Many times answering messages and using social media at the same time, multi-tasking - much. Every day off from the day job and weekends were devoted to working on my etsy shop and farm. My house needs a real good cleaning and I haven't spent much time in my yard in two years, and a date- what's that? From January through November, I have non stop orders on my list, with some brides waiting 6-8 weeks before their custom orders were made and delivered. 
    (Source @bravegirlsclub on Instagram.) 

That all is about to change! I am so excited that my etsy shop will now be my main job. I started to say day job, but I'll still probably work on orders at night, because the swing shift is my favorite, most creative time of day. I will have nearly 10 extra hours a day though and checking cows at dark, won't be the norm anymore. (I hate daylight savings time!) That little shop, that I was afraid of telling anyone about, is a success! It's been four years in the making, but now I'm taking a leap of faith that it will continue on a wonderful path. The power of social media  and blogs to build a business is truly amazing and I will be forever thankful for the customers who have chosen me to be a part of their wedding day or purchased a hand made item from me. Y'all have been wonderful to me and my dreams! I learned the value of hard work from my dad and I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've had to work and build a business at the same time. 

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The new year is bringing new opportunities for me and I am so excited about everything. I plan to start offering more items in my shop and creating more. I've often had visions of new items to make, but never had enough time. I love to repurpose items and have a shed full of furniture and junk for "when I have time". 

(From Sunflowers and Sweet Tea book by Beki Hastings/

I hope to also be able to fulfill custom orders in a timelier fashion and be able to take on orders that are needed with a quick turn around time, without feeling stressed out. 
 (From Sunflowers and Sweet Tea book by Beki Hastings/

I've got a few other ideas and opportunities that I want to explore as well. I'm sure you will be seeing me around blog land much more in 2015!
   (Source- @bravegirlsclub on Instagram) 

As I've contemplated making changes to my career, I've seen all these little signs along the way. Many are from Pinterest or Instagram friends and they will never know how much encouragement they have provided to me... Thank you all!   I'm ready to fly! 


  1. You GO, girl! I am so proud of you! And wish you all the best - you deserve it!

  2. Go and fly high! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Wishing you all the best in the world! Good luck!

  4. I am SOOOOOO happy for you, Janice. I remember back when you started
    the Etsy shop, and since then have wondered how you had the time to do
    everything. We've watched you grow like a mother (or a great grandmother
    like me) watches her child. I wish you the very best, and you have always
    had my admiration.


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