Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas in the Glamper

The Gypsy FarmGirl World Headquarters, aka my glamper, aka Gussie is getting a Christmas makeover this week! Twinkle lights, lanterns, candles, greenery, and lots of burlap and lace of course. I stayed with my neutral tones, with just a few pops of red mixed in. 

 Oh, I also used an entire package of coffee filters! I saw an idea on Pinterest to make a coffee filter tree and decided it would look neat on my cake pedestal, looking all rufflie and lacy. I wanted a simple, nearly Charlie Brownish style tree in the camper. Thanks to one of my friends for rescuing it out of a store dumpster and giving it to me! I wanted to be able to move everything around if I needed to, so I thought the cluster of trees on my tray would work perfect. It can always be moved to the bed, if I want to work in the front of the camper. 

I love my two lanterns. I saw these at Tractor Supply one year for $20.00 each. I didn't have a real "need" for them at the time, so I passed them up. Later in the year, they were on sale for ten dollars each and once again I passed them by. The next week, they were marked down to five bucks each! I decided for that price, I had to get them and let me tell ya, they have made their rounds as wedding decorations and now hang out in the camper.
Burlap poinsettias and red birds are nestled along the garland. I know I could have made the birds, but when I found a great deal on them premade, I jumped on it. 

It's all glowing and cozy, just the way I like it.
Now, here's a little sneak peek of the outside of the glamper. 

It's all rustic, junky, vintage, gypsy, farm girlish...I need to have another photoshoot and I'll share pictures soon! The south wind was trying to blow all my trees over this afternoon. 


  1. I love your glamper! So, so cute. You are amazing!

  2. P.S. as my friend, Debbie, said in the previous comments; your etsy link isn't working.


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