Monday, June 16, 2014


I must confess, I've never had sun tea before. Miranda Lambert's song Automatic mentions watching sun tea in the window, so it got me to thinking about my favorite drink. 

I'm on vacation this week, well staycation is more like it. Just hoping to catch up on a few things, spend some time relaxing, go camping, and make sun tea.  So today, I did just that! 

Spending some time relaxing in Miss Gussie, the glamper, watching sun tea. 

My fancy hot dog dinner ;)

Of course it's not all play, I'm working on some etsy orders and have a few new bouquets to unveil soon. This picture I posted on Instagram was I nspiration for one of the bouquets! 

I need to have a photo shoot soon, but for right now, I think a nap might be in order! 


  1. I was so happy to see you today, Janice. We really do know how busy you are, so it's a treat when you visit.

    Yep, I'd say a nap was in order, and I hope you were able to do it.


  2. I love sun tea, it's the only kind of tea that I can drink. Growing up I looked forward to summers on my great grandparents farm because it meant sun tea and lots of time outside.

  3. I use to make tea that way but decided I liked the stove top better.
    LOVE the trailer girl!

  4. Excuse me if this is a dumb question but are you one of Gypsy Junk gals on show? If not I apologize. Love that show but right now not getting to watch it, having discussion with Dish Network. Sure miss the show. I get so many ideas from it. You have lots more availability of "stuff" in Tx than we do here in western CO (we live west of Grand Junction out in rural area, I'm not a city type person anymore).
    Your bouquest, etc. are incredible, perfect for a casual wedding. These would be good at weddings the Roloff family do in their barn in Oregon. I miss that show also, that and the little couple.
    Love your trailer. You've got it all gussied up, do you go in it often when you need some quiet and peace away from all the activity? We had a trailer we lived in several times for several months besides camping. We lived in a house in Grand Junction without much furniture, (furniture was still in house in KY) so I'd sleep in trailer and use it to just be alone for while. Hubs slept on a bed taken out of another trailer in house. Sold trailer when we bought our house, still miss it tho. It had an a/c in it at least. Hubs has a smaller trailer but no a/c or real frig, love being in it tho. Something about living in trailers that suits my personality just fine. I'm bit of a gypsy myself, like to take off, go at drop of hat. Hubs was trucker so I'd go with him for months when he drove out of MT..
    Going to visit your Etsy store now, see what else you have. Again sorry if I mistook you for wrong gyspy, happy summer days

  5. Sun tea is only tea we drink, drank that so much when a kid in Tucson. You need something cool and refreshing in Tucson in their very hot summers. Been drinking it ever since. Love it. Helps me keep weight off in summer cause I drink it so much instead of feeding my face with junk. We use a big pickle jar and 2 family size cold brew tea bags. Ah. Depends on how strong people like it as to how many tea bags to use. I've found the cold brew family size bags work better for taste of tea. Happy summer days


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