Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Golden Anniversary

Today, we celebrated the golden anniversary of my in-laws. Together with my sister-in-law and our aunt, we organized a shabby chic, vintage reception in their honor. 

We had a blast decorating! All the buckets of lace and the crystal in the cabinet got to come out for a very special day. 
My sister in law, Lisa, made the cake and the best ever chocolate chip cookies. I just realized, I didn't get a picture of the food table. Thankfully, there was another photographer there that took lots of pictures of everything. 

Centerpieces on the food tables. I saw this beautiful cake pedestal last week and had a vision for flowers on top of it. It was one of my favorite arrangements. 

So we are southern and country - no punch bowl at this shindig! We served tea and lemonade in giant mason jars! Someone told us the party looked like something out of Sounthern Living Magazine! 

 We decorated the tables with simple, shabby centerpieces in mason jars and lots of doilies and lace.
All because two people fell in love... 


  1. That's so nice, Janice. Congratulations to your in-law's. Everything looks lovely.
    I gather you're staying busy, don't see you much. But, I'm happy if your business
    is still really good.
    Take care!

  2. Oh Janice...LOVE how it was decorated!!


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