Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The 1959 Arrowhead

Last week, I was driving along and a vintage camper caught my eye. Hmmm, should I stop? No, yes, no, U turn, YES!

This is what caught my eye! Now I've been looking for.ev.er, for a glamper to be. Some of you may remember I have a travel master, but it's a yucky mess that needs a total renovation and I just "ain't got time for that."

So I looked inside, expected to see a gutted, stinky mess.

Oh my lucky stars, it had insides, mostly intact! Score! Original ICE BOX, stove, sink, cabinets, and oh that back splash. 

Ok, so the table was missing, no big deal. They claimed it all worked. I snapped a few pictures, talked to the guy and was on my way.

I called my husband, who was out of town. He couldn't talk much. I wanted him to see it and check out the structure more. He did say "you don't have to have me to buy it." I couldn't get it off my mind. Yes, no, yes, no...what to do? I called the folks and ask a few more questions and then went back at 5:00 and bought it! Yahoooooooo! 

No hitch on my truck, darn the bad (good) luck, I wanted to take her home then, but it wasn't meant to be.

So Saturday morning, we headed down the road to get her.

I had taken a few pics, but didn't pay much attention to the tires. The guy at the place told me he thought there'd be no problem making it the 25 miles home. A little dry rot, but they're ok. Since I hadn't paid attention to wheel size, style, and hole pattern, my man didn't know what type of spare to take along with us. (Lesson learned: pay much more attention to tires on any future purchases that must be drug home.) 

We headed down the road at a slow pase, yet less than ten miles down the road...blowout. 

Now what? No spare tire. It was good luck that I wasn't alone, at dark, trying to pull it home last week.

My cool as cucumber, junk partner inspected the situation and we crept up the road to a friends business, took the tire off, unhooked the trailer and had to leave her in pursuit of a new tire. She looked so lonely there. 
We bought a new tire and then went back, hooked up,  returned to the tire shop to get a matching left tire. It was hard for the tire guy to get the tire under the fender. Jeff told him to "let some air out and it'll go under there." 

With a what the heck look, the guy said "really?" 

"Yeah, it'll work," I married a genius! "You'll have a story to tell now," he told the tire man. Oh yes, it worked! 
She got two new shoes and we were on the road again! 

Now she's home and I got to looking around more and I'm planning my glamper transformation! The electricity works, that's a bonus! I found this paper in a cabinet...Arrowhead 15 foot Go-Lite.

My vintage camper Pinterest board sure has got a lot of new pins this week! As soon as I get a few spare hours, she's getting a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint on the inside. She's gonna be shabby chic and vintage glam when I get done! 

I promise to share pics of her transformation, but in the meantime, what should I call her? 


  1. Great find and so clean ! Congratulations.

  2. Reading my brothers blog and commented from his blog with my name. Whoops. Also, great that the electricity works
    (Joy again)

  3. What a find! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  4. What Fun!!!! Join that Girls only tiny trailer club had have a blast!

  5. Bertha!

    She looks like a Bertha!

    But, that's just me. :)

    Good deal, can't wait to see what your clever mind comes up with to glamorize HER!


  6. Your dear hubby sure did come to the rescue! You love Texas bluebells, so why not Bluebell?


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