Thursday, January 9, 2014

DIY Ear Warmers

Hey Y'all, it's cold! But if you've stepped outside, turned on the tv for just a minute, or checked social media, you already know that. Here's the thing, I know many places are at zero or in the negative digits, but for us Texas girls, the teens are ridiculously cold. Like I want to move further south, I hate this weather. I have decided no amount of money or job could make me move north for the winter. I do not know how folks deal with it. 

With this brutal cold this week, I decided I needed a toboggan. I hadn't had one since I was a teen, but in our small town, you can't find a one, nor even a head band to keep my ears warm. So, you know me, I made my own ear warmers and it was so simple! 

I had bought a brown sweater at the second hand store when I bought the white one and made boot socks. I made another pair of brown leg warmer by simply chopping off the sweater sleeves. 

This was the leftover portion of the sleeve. I then had this cute, shabby, lace flower in the cabinet and I simply tied it to the sweater. I applied a little fray check around the raw edges to keep it from raveling and it was done! 

I was going to take a picture of me wearing it yesterday, but I had this fit of clostophobia and yanked off my head band, scarf, and jewelry before I got a chance. I'm kinda, no, really getting tired of this cold weather. Me and multiple layers, wearing jackets and gloves, it's getting old really quick. At least I've got a cute head band to keep my ears warm. I just don't know if I'll try to wear it all day at work again. Maybe while running errands or out feeding the cows.

Found this funny and thought I'd share...

 Hope you are all staying as warm as you can. What's your secrets for dealing with ol man winter? 

P.S. Siri says it's 70 days till spring!!! 

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  1. That is way cute! :You are so creative!

    Love the toon too. I reckon those northerners know all about that.


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