Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tractor Shows & Gypsy Markets

On Saturday we headed out to the Autumn Trails Tractor Show and then headed down the road a spell and checked out the Gypsy Market. Twas a great day for a Gypsy Farm Girl...lots of tractors and an arts and craft fair, all with my man and my dog!
 I knew on our first date, that we were meant to be, because we both grew up driving Farmall tractors! We both worked on our families farms growing up and were fond of our Granddaddy's red tractors. Today, we have quite the collection of our very own Farmalls on our farm.
 Trixie likes going to town, but hasn't been able to travel with us much this summer because of the heat. She knew that there was something different about our travels Saturday and that this was not just a routine trip to the grocery store, were she would have to sit in the truck. Trixie demanded that we were taking her with us and said she really wanted to go to the tractor show, after all she had a new Farmall collar and lease to show off!
 There were lots of antique tractors on exhibit of all brands and sizes, some restored with shiny paint, while others were original. Some exhibited plows and hay balers, while many showed a patriotic spirit with Texas and American flags.

 There was even a pink Allis Chalmers tractor! I didn't get close enough to see if there was a story to go with the paint scheme or not.
 Some of the owners participate in the tractor pull event. Tractors are divided into different weight classes and compete against each other to see who can pull the sleigh the furthest down the track.
My peeps are checking out some more Farmalls!

We went to the Gypsy Market after we left the tractor show. I'm not sure how I managed to not take a single picture at the downtown arts and crafts event. I would love to be a vendor at the event next year! Farmall Man and Trixie decided that we needed to visit the Dairy Queen and get a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard before we headed over to the feed store, so we stopped and enjoyed a cool treat!

While we were at the Gypsy Market, we noticed the one screen theater was showing The Help on Sunday afternoon, so Farmall Man promised to take me to see the movie. We had made plans to see the movie right after it came out, but our schedules didn't allow it to happen. Have you seen The Help? I don't want to spoil anything if you plan to see the movie!

It was a great weekend travelling about and enjoying the fall festivities in the area. Our big county fair is next week and we are making preparations to participate! Do you have any favorite fall festivals/fairs that you attend each year?


  1. Hey girl!

    So glad you had such a nice weekend; love the photo's especially Farmall man and Trixie! :)

    Did you like the pumpkin blizzard? Hunter had one the other day and loved it!

    Haven't seen the Help yet, but I want to when things calm down a bit.

    Take care, and have another great weekend!


  2. love your pup - too cute with the Farmall collar and leash! :)

  3. I want that Blizzard Girl!!!Hahaaa
    Love the pink tractor too!

  4. What fun! Thank you for sharing all those great photos! We have a county fair each year, but it isn't any great shakes, since we are predominately in a urban area. I got a kick out of seeing Trixie eating up the ice cream!


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