Saturday, June 18, 2011

Playing - Brenda Photo Challenge

The Brenda Photo Challenge has changed management lately...I'm so thankful I got started in the Brenda Photo Challenge when I first started blogging. The challenge has definitely pushed me to take better photos and to take my camera everywhere with me. I'm grateful for all the time Ms. Donna put into hosting the challenge in the past and look forward to continuing the challenge with Ms. Brenda at the helm. You two Rock!!!

I've missed a few of the recent challenges due to crazy schedules, but am hoping to get back to regularly participating. So without further yacking - here are some of my playing pictures!
Our animals are always playing around...Moe loves to play with his watermelon treat.
 ( You can read my earlier post from this week to see more of Moe eating watermelon.)
Punkie is a sweet and playful dog - Our cats had rather play with the dogs than with each other!

Punkie looks quite visious here, but this is just a typical game at our house! The girls love to wrestle and play around and I'm happy to report no injuries have ever occurred between these two. Trixie and Punkie are great playful friends.  

Thank you for checking out my pics for the
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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. these are cute.

    LOVE the new header! really nicely done!

  2. I knew I could count on you for some fun animal pics! I think that Moe with the watermelon in his mouth steals the show! Great photos!

    I too am so grateful for this challenge and thank my lucky stars that Miz Donna talked me into joining this challenge a couple of years ago. I sure has helped me grow as a photographer!

  3. Thanks Janice...You are So sweet!
    Hubby and I walked past watermelons this morning at the market and I had to laugh! I told Hubby about you giving your horse the watermelon your MIL gave you...Hahahaaa...we looked at those in the market and busted out laughing!!Hahaaaa
    Love these shots!!

  4. I don't know who has more fun when animals are playing, them, or us while watching them. Great photos!

  5. Your handsome critters certainly know what playing is all about. Great photos!!

  6. Great pictures! I love watching animal play together!

  7. Watching animals at play is always entertaining. Love the shots

  8. My favorite is the horse with his watermelon. I didn't know horses would eat watermelon. Love it!!! Have a nice weekend!

  9. These are cool shots, love all of them! Thank you for sharing. My posts are now up for the BPC Playing.

  10. A good selection of photos.I never saw a horse eating watermelon. We used to feed pumpkins to the livestock, a good protein source.

  11. It was fun to see animals playing, instead of humans, for a change! These are cute photos!

  12. Good going! Love the shot with the watermelon. Should have thought to do a picture of our two cats playing but I'm usually trying to disconnect Oliver's jaws from the back of Meeka's neck

  13. Awww, you always have such great photo's, Janice. I'm sorry it took me a few days to get here though. Once I get my computer on track I'll rejoin this challenge. I used to love it so!!

    Have a wonderful week, girl. :)


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