Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well I took Farmall Man to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and we got a good report!

For starters - NO surgery for his broken collar bone...hip hip hooray.

The doctor was very nice and talkative and said for him to keep wearing the figure eight brace he has been wearing this week. We go back in about two weeks for more x-rays to make sure everything is healing properly. He should be completely healed in about two months.

Hopefully he can get back to normal soon. It's killing him to not be able to do all the regular farm work and him and his dad are getting ready to start baling hay soon. Until then, Im trying to take care of all the chores and him too.

This year I didn't plant a vegetable garden and have had significantly less plants in the yard. I just didn't feel motivated to plant lots of stuff and didn't want to spend hours watering. Now that my yard time is going to limited, I am thankful I don't have a lot of extra plants to take care of.


  1. congrats on the 'no surgery' diagnosis! at least that's a good thing. the mending is still going to be tough.

  2. I know that no surgery was music to both you and Farmall Man! So glad to hear this. And, I hope the healing will go well. Take care you little busy girl!! ((hugs))

  3. That's wonderful news concerning hubby! Don't know about your rain this year, but my garden is limping along in this drought. :D

  4. Glad he doesn't have to have surgery, but that still isn't any fun. Ugh!

  5. Sorry to hear of your husband's injury but glad there's no surgery in his future. Lot on your shoulders. Take care of yourself! Sounds like the smaller garden is a good plan for you this year. The way the weather's been going all over the country may be an even better idea.


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