Monday, February 7, 2011


We were sitting in the house Saturday morning when the biggest thud hit the front door. It was like one of those windex commercials were the bird flies into the super clean window, except our screen door isn't super clean!

A few seconds later we heard a squawk outside and realized the bird was on the ground, surrounded by our dog Suzy.
Farmall Man rescued the cardinal and set it in the snow covered wheelbarrow. I grabbed my camera and got a few pictures before he overcome his shock and fluttered away.

The snow melted Saturday afternoon, but unfortunately there is more in the forecast for Wednesday.


  1. Great story and wonderful photo.

    We have several cardinals nesting around our house that peck on our windows for months. Two years ago one determined cardinal went from window to window all day, every day till I began to consider doing it harm. lol Finally, he and his mate left. If he returned last year, he confined himself to two windows to my relief.

  2. Beautiful bird though! Yeppers! Slight chance of rain and snow here in Waco as well.....
    Stay warm!


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