Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Vintage Travelmaster Camper

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we went and picked up the vintage camper down the road from us. We know little about this camper other than she is a Travelmaster. Hooking on to the camper and pulling her out of this junk yard was much easier than I expected. We aired up one tire, hooked up, moved an A-frame, and headed out.
 We only had less than a mile to our house.
 She really is a hot mess! Whew...I started cleaning when we got home and can report the rat poop, sink, counter, and most of the cabinets are now GONE! I cleaned out all the trash and swept really good. Someone had added sheet rock to the walls and ceilings and I'm now in the process of ripping that out. The sheet rock and metal roof that was added to the single axle camper creates more weight than needed for going down the road. The structure needs some work, so the messy, ill-hung sheet rock needs to go anyway, in order to do things right. Its more than I really wanted to tackle, but I know things must be done right. Patients...
 She's parked near the yard, so that it will be easy to work on. An extension cord lets me plug a fan in while working inside and I have a window unit air conditioner that we plan to hook up soon. See that duck tape on the camper? Its gone now! I went to an estate sale yesterday and found several things "for the camper"! I know its a long way till I can decorate, but I can't pass up the perfect rug and a very antique cedar chest that could be turned into cabinets or storage.
 I have been searching online and haven't been able to find out much about Travelmaster or any original pictures of the camper. I have been able to find this ad from 1965 and the camper in the picture looks just like ours.
If anyone has pictures or links to other Travelmaster travel trailers, I would love to see them and learn more info about this camper. I have a catalog coming for camper parts, can anyone recommend a great and affordable place to get replacement parts?

I know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will all be worth it in the end.