Monday, October 3, 2011

My weekend

I got a surprise 3 day weekend and was excited to feel good on my days off!

My weekend consisted of:

 ~decorating my yard for fall and scaring the dogs with my huge scarecrow

~feeding lots of animals

~cleaning and organizing my storage building/workshop

~deciding to makeover my kitchen

~making my own chalk style paint

~ painting my kitchen

~redorating kitchen with items from garage sales, Goodwill, and vintage family heirlooms

~washing and folding lots of clothes

~a trip to town for groceries for us and the animals

~cooking several meals

~breaking out the award winning sweet potato recipe from the vault and making two yam pies

~baking an apple cobbler

~reupholstering a bar stool (my first upholstery project)

~and then I came down with the head cold :(

All in all it was a Great weekend! I can't wait to share more pics from all my projects this past weekend!

 We are hardly ever sick and now we have both had the virus followed by a cold in 2 weeks time - I hope we are getting the sickness out of the way for the year and this isn't a sign of what is to come this winter.

Now I'm ready for another long weekend to tackle some more home projects!