Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So Farmall Man has completed several cleanup jobs where he has either cleaned abandoned property or torn down unwanted buildings and houses. Through these adventures he has came across quite a collection of junk stuff.

I've been a benefactor of these endeavors over the past 9 years. I have built several brick patios from bricks I've loaded while FM has torn down a building, have several wheelbarrows, wagons, and unique planters that came from trash ditches, and my gazebo and bicycle planter was rescued from the land of  unwanted.
Its so true about "one man's trash, is another man's treasure". I have re purposed lots of items that are trash to others.

Like I said, FM has quite the collection of junk stuff out back (behind the house - the front belongs to me!) From old cars and chicken feeders to cash registers, farm implements, lumber and recycled tin; there is lots to be found out back. Occasionally I get inspired by his stuff and get to go "shopping" among the "treasures"!
Recently I eyeballed this shopping cart among the stuff. When I first enquired about it, I was met with some reluctance. FM had picked it up on one of his jobs and had envisioned using it to haul tools around his shop and equipment yard. After a little persuasion, I was able to move it around to the front yard! I debated on whether to fill the buggy up with soil to plant in, but decided to place pots in the buggy, just as if you were strolling the garden center, picking out plants to take home.
It is now nestled in my flower bed and creates a focal point for this area. A rectangle pot of petunias sits in the child's seat, zebra grass, verbena, creeping jenny, assorted foliage, and a rope plant fill the three pots in the buggy.

So what do ya think? So have you ever taken one man (or woman's) trash and turned it into a cool garden treasure?