Thursday, May 19, 2011


This week I am very thankful that Farmall Man is alive.

You see it all started when his friend gave him an old motorcycle a few weeks ago. It *was* free, but not any more. The motorcycle needed some repairs and Farmall Man is great at fixings things, but unfortunately he broke his collar bone in a wreck Sunday morning.

A motorbike has been on Farmall Man's Santa Claus list since he was a wee little kid and Santa never delivered. Now I'm wishing his friend never decided to get rid of an old bike!

I had gone to memorial day services at the cemetery where my family is buried and spent the afternoon with family. Farmall Man had got some of the minor repairs done and had rode around the field on several occasions when he decided to take off down the road for the first time. He had some trouble on a hill / curve combination and unfortunately he made contact with the pavement.

He picked himself up, rode to the next intersection, turned around, rode home, nearly passed out, and drove himself to the ER ( in the truck ). Notice he did not call me! Truth be told, my phone was on silent during the church service and while we had dinner on the grounds.

When I got home and came inside and found hospital paperwork and prescription drugs on the table I panicked. Of course he wasn't even inside. I had to hunt him up outside,where he explained the whole ordeal.

He is in lots of pain this week and unable to do much of anything. That means I am having to step up and do lots of extra chores. We have lots of animals that get fed and taken care of twice daily. Tomorrow I take him to a follow up dr visit. We are hoping for a good report ( read - no surgery ) from the dr. This will be the first time in nine years that either one of us has been to a dr for anything. It is so hard to see him in so much pain.

Please bear with me as blogging time will be very limited. It's earlier to rise to feed before work, work, supper, chores again, household chores, yada yada yada.