Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails

We recently travelled part of the Ennis Texas Bluebonnet Trails and the views were spectacular. I had always seen the pictures that were fields of wildflowers and this weekend, I got to see some of them in person. It was awesome! I always thought I had to go to the central Texas/Hill Country to see the bluebonnets, but was thrilled that we could take a day trip and see our state flower and still sleep in our bed that night. With all of our animals, an overnight trip is out of the question right now. Our truck issues cut our trip short, but we are making plans to go back in the next week or so to finishing touring the trails. I hope you enjoy the view through my camera.

Andrews road was full of spectacular views and this was certainly not a bad place to break down! As my husband tinckered with our new truck, I played with my camera.
This valley was breath taking. Rolling hills of wild flowers led to farm land and a field of grazing cattle.

Texas, Our Texas, how beautiful you are!