Friday, January 15, 2016

Today... Or Yesterday

Today, or by the time I finish this blog post, it'll be yesterday!

~ I worked from home, in my fuzzy pajama pants, listing lots of new items in my shop. This release has a very Rustic Romance / Love theme, since Valentine's Day is coming up and love is always in season. 

~ I boxed up orders to take to the post office.

~ Met a client for a consultation for a big event next week. By this time, I had showered and put on my "town clothes!" Heehee

~ Answered emails and convos from customers, checked Facebook a kazillion times, because all the glamper group was liking and commenting on my pictures. 

~ Stopped to eat a late lunch and use a gift card from my birthday last month. I'm not afraid to eat alone... 

~ I actually had a "business lunch", as I answered more messages, got my flower order ready for the event next week, and posted more pictures from the new items on Instagram and Facebook. 

~ Shipped out a dream catcher and wedding bouquet. 

~ Went shopping and found a dress for the event at a small new boutique in town. #shopsmallbusiness 

~ Went to feed my horses and cows and set in the old barn, answering more messages. 

~ Ordered a vest from a boutique on Instagram, that I can wear with my new dress and ordered more turquoise burlap for upcoming wedding orders.

~ Stopped at the feed store and gas station on the way home. Somewhere around this point, I thought I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job and the ability to be flexible, to not be tied down to a job in a cubicle, to be able to communicate with customers from wherever I am, thankful for my phone and iPad that go everywhere with me, to be able to work at home or wherever I roam and hope I never have to go back to a regular 8-5 job! 

~ The sunset was pretty as I opened the gate at home. 

~ We fixed supper, watched Duck Dynasty,  boxed up orders to ship out tomorrow / today, checked Facebook a kazillion more times, watched the Blacklist and started making roses for the next wedding and now I blog and Jeff snores. It's been a busy day, but I love it!  

I'm so thankful I am able to have a creative business and you allow me to decorate your homes, events and weddings and be apart of your special days! 


  1. Geez girl! Youv'e been busy!

  2. I love everything! And, turquoise is my new favorite color! xoxo


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