Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

Happy First Day of Fall Y'all!

 It's been a while since I've been excited about decorating my gazebo, but last week, I was inspired to rearrange the junk and get a few new plants. 

My friend gave me a potted sunflower plant and I love it! Every year I intend to plant sunflowers, so I'm tickled to have some in my yard now. 
I fixed up an old wreath with a few fall favorites to hang on the door
And found a few potted mums when out shopping. 

A cool front came in at 2:25 this morning, that brought fall like temperatures. You may wonder how I know the exact time? Sound to sleep this morning, I woke to a loud boom. The Mr. shot up out of bed, speechless, when I ask "what was that?" I looked at my clock to see what time the airplane fell out of the sky. He thought it was an explosion and expected to see a ball of fire in the night sky or a nearby house on fire as he darted outside to check on the surroundings. Naw, it was thunder! The cold front had hit! Now, I could sleep through a tornado, but that loud thunder scared the beegeebees out of us. It was crazy weird, but funny now. Today was absolutely beautiful and really felt like fall. 

I'm ready for cooler weather, new fall clothing, boots and sweaters, maybe a few camping trips, county fairs, and the list goes on. I'm not excited about it getting dark earlier.   Y'all, please remind me I said all this in about two - three months, when I'm not so excited about being cold and ready for a pair of flip flops ;) 

Till then, happy autumn! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Crystal and John's Wedding

It always makes my happy when customers send me pictures from their wedding day. Today, Crystal sent me fun pictures from her recent Michigan wedding. 
I love how their sweet looking dog was included in the picture with the bride and groom! 

The bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids were created with tan, chocolate brown and cream burlap roses and ivory lace.  It certainly looks like they had a fun wedding day and Crystal described it as perfect! 

I send my Best Wishes to Crystal and John as they start their new life together! I'm so happy you had a wonderful wedding day and in a small way, I was able to be a part if it! 

***All pictures in this post were provided courtesy of Crystal and were taken by Photography by Danielle in Michigan ***

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Burlap and Cotton Bouquet

I've had a vision for some time about a cotton and burlap bouquet and today, I finally made it happen! This afternoon, I create this rustic bridal bouquet with cotton bolls, burlap roses, lace, and pearls. 
I think it would be perfect for a farm or prairie style wedding. 
Natural tan, chocolate brown and creamy white roses are accented with pearls and nestled among the bolls of cotton and tufts of ivory lace. 

This bouquet is listed in my shop in the Ready to Ship section or you can click the link on my sidebar. I have added a few new items to my store that are ready for immediate shipping. Of course custom orders are always welcome! If you need matching bouquets for bridesmaids, send me an etsy convo and I can make something just for you.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Winery Wedding Bouquet and New Burlap Colors

Today I made Allison's burlap and lace wedding bouquet. She's getting married at a winery this fall and she chose deep red and shades of brown burlap for her bridal bouquet. 
I had fun staging and photographing  her bouquet this afternoon.

I gathered a few wine bottles to go along with her wedding theme and set my table up outside in the yard. 

Her bouquet also introduces two new colors of burlap. We discussed her desire for a deeper red and natural shades. I found this deep red and Idaho potato to go along with the natural and chocolate 



 I use wine bottles to hold the bouquets while I am making them and this would be a great way to display the bouquet on the bridal table during the wedding reception, especially since it will be held at a winery. 

I think this just might be my favorite new color combination - just don't tell turquoise (my other favorite) that I said that!  ;)