Sunday, October 25, 2020

Late night ramblin's

Occasionally I share my Ramblin's from th Backroads post on Facebook / Instagram... Chalk this up to a dose of Late night Ramblin's, here on our blog. The last couple of months have been busier than ever. Saturday we helped with a wedding shower, went home worked on arrangements till dark, went to my mother-in-law's for supper, then we were back up early on Sunday morning to finish our floral arrangements to deliver before 10:00 am, for a funeral. This afternoon, I worked on shirts. I don't always work on Sundays, but I know I'll be out of pocket a couple of days this week, so I needed to get a few things done and ready to deliver before I'm gone. 

While I worked this morning, I recalled a time when I was ridiculed for not going out to party with a group of people, saying all I ever did was "feed animals and play in my yard after work." One: I'm not the party type - I'd rather decorate for them. Two: I'm the extroverted introvert and I really love / need my quiet time and space (I'm one that loves working from home, so 2020 isn't much different for us.) Three: what they didn't know was that I was building a side hustle, that turned into a full time business. I was in the building faze of my little etsy shop and worked at night and weekends and didn't let it interfere with my day job. Truthfully, I was afraid of failure and didn't want everyone knowing what I was doing, if it didn't work. Fast forward about 7 to 8 years and we have just had two record setting months, in the middle of a pandemic, mind you. Four: my daddy taught me "work before play" in other words take care of your responsibilities first and foremost. Five: my yard projects have led to a lot of good things and recognition for our business. Six: our livestock is another branch of our business and we are proud to help feed this country. Seven: drinking and driving - not happening. 

I have no doubt things always work out the way they are suppose to. Since I left the 8-5 job in 2014, Jeff and I both have had to help be care givers for family members and I know this wouldn't have been possible with the traditional job. Tonight, we are once again at Jeff's mom's house, where I am typing this post. They are watching the World Series and I am kinda listening, while I ponder my thoughts here, and using the "good" wifi ;) I often bring my computer work here to use the better internet connection. I'm not much of a tv watcher, but I can join in the conversation from my space on the couch... (or catch a few zzz's if the game runs long, but let's be real - tonight as I type, they have both nodded off... wait, they woke up again!) 

We are plotting our course for the coming weeks and the time leading up to the holidays, along with events on the schedule. We've got to work around some family appointments, but we are able to do that. I'm well versed in doing some prep work ahead of long appointments, take my computer, head phones and can really get some work done in waiting rooms. So hey, stay tuned for several new tee releases to happen this week! I won't be away for long, so I'll be back to delivering and shipping, like nothing ever stopped us. 

You know, as a creative entrepreneur, I am still reminded of those remarks. They've stuck with me all this time, but I didn't let it change me path, although they really made me bite-my-lip, grit-my-teeth-mad at the time. I knew what I had to do that day and I politely declined the invite. I'm reminded that we don't always know what others are going through or doing in their spare time and we shouldn't belittle someone, because they have different pass times, dreams, or ideas than you. Don't quit your dreams, your goals, your business, because someone else thinks you should be doing something else. Do what you must, go where your path leads and don't be like the rest of them darlin'! Sometimes it's hard to get back in the work zone, after dealing with things, but I'm so thankful our job has the flexibility to be there when we need to be. 

So whatever season you are in, only you can walk it and know if it's right for you. Stay the course and don't let them upset you or belittle your journey.