Monday, August 31, 2015

A One Woman Show?

  A Facebook fan posed a question on a bouquet picture today - "Do you do all the work yourself?" 

My response - "I'm a one woman show. I'm the designer, maker, photographer, and computer person." 

Although I should point out, I do occasionally get some help from the mister! You know, the lifting, some building, IT/computer networking (he makes sure the internet connections are working), occasionally shipping and receiving and he's got the brains to figure out how something works or why it's not.
I got a helping hand, twisting the wire,  when I was working on this chandelier. 
He pulls me out of the mud, when I get the feed truck stuck and fixes the tractor when I break something! 
So I guess I should say we are a team, 
although, he doesn't make or design any of the flower bouquets. 
He does help work on the mechanical elements of my sewing machine, 
but he doesn't paint! That's my department for sure! 

He keeps the internet running and printers connected, but I handle all my own social media, email, blog maintenance / design, etsy shop work and the such. So if you ask a question, you get a response from me. 
Customer service, inventory management (shopping), design and production all point my direction.    

I do all of my own photography as well, except for the occasional time I hand Jeff the camera and tell him to snap a picture for me. I see individuals and businesses that take pictures off the internet and post them as their own, without giving credit, misleading viewers to think they did the work. That makes me mad! My pictures may not be the best and honestly, most of these were taken with my phone, but they are my work! Occasional I repost or share customer's pictures or repost inspirational pictures, but credit is given to the source. Simply, "saw this on Pinterest, fb, love this idea,  yada, yada" would be better than claiming someone else's work as your own. Whew, sorry, I got on a rant there! 
So, yes, I do most of the work behind GypsyFarmGirl, but I've got a great guy that helps me out behind the scenes, 

who broke all the rules here! (Don't try this at home!) 
I certainly couldn't do everything I do without him! Sometimes I wonder how I did everything I do now, plus work a 9 hour a day job in town. I really don't know how I did it all! 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gussie Got Mail!

It's been a happy mail week for Miss Gussie! She got an awning Saturday and her tent poles came today! Thank goodness for online shopping, because adjustable tent poles can't be found in a small town. It's kind of gloomy today, but I had to snap a picture and share her new assecories! We are making big plans for the fall (stay tuned for details) and the awning is one more thing to mark off our check list as preparations are made. 

I ordered the custom awning from Vintage Awnings by Kristi - you can find her on Facebook or she has a blog, with lots of camping tips. 

I don't think I shared all the pictures from our photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, so here's a few of Miss Gussie showing off some of the new items that are available in my shop

I would be happy to send some happy mail your way! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Rustic Wedding Bouquets and Gypsy Boho Ankle Boots

I recently added a few new and one of a kind rustic wedding bouquets to my shop. All of the bouquets pictured are currently in stock and  ready to ship (usually next business day after purchase.) 

First up is a rustic tan, chocolate brown and creamy white burlap bouquet. Vintage style hydrangea blooms are tucked among the roses, along with tufts of lace. 

burlap and lace bridal bouquet
Vintage french lace is layered over the handle of the bouquet holder. 
vintage burlap and lace wedding flowers

Rustic white camo bridal bouquet
True Timber Snowfall Camo Satin fabric flowers are the focal point of this bridal bouquet, perfect for the elegant, camo, outdoors / hunting themed wedding. The rustic, woodsy bouquet has tan and brown burlap roses, pearl accents  and  white lace. When a customer requested this snowfall camo bouquet with turquoise roses, I had to admit that I had never seen the white camouflage before.  
Camo, rustic wedding bouquet

A sola flower bouquet with jade and tan burlap roses and lace. 
sola flowers with jade / turquoise burlap roses and lace bride's bouquet
Boots and Bouquets! Along with the new bouquets, I created two pair of ankle boots with gypsy, boho boot cuffs. I repurposed black cowgirl boots into ankle boots and then added the denim and lace cuff, hand-cut leather fringe and upcycled leather belts. 
Boots and Bouquets - rustic turquoise bouquet and boot cuffs
Very vintage, shabby chic lace flowers, burlap roses and brooches create this one of a kind bouquet. A natural color scheme is perfect for your vintage inspired wedding.

burlap and lace bridal bouquet with vintage jewelry

keepsake burlap and lace wedding flowers
One of the most requested color combinations in my shop - this turquoise burlap bouquet is ready to ship, without having to wait for a custom bouquet.

turquoise burlap and lace rustic bridal bouquet
This is the first pair of ankle boots that I made from a pair of black ostrich boots. I found the boots at a sale and give them a makeover. I had a hard time deciding if I should list the boots or not, because I sort of want to keep them for myself! 

I can always recreate similar bouquets or coordinating bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres for the men, along with corsages and head bands. Of course, there may have to be some substitutions for the vintage lace and jewels. Please message me through etsy with any questions or for custom order request.  (Sometimes I don't get blog comment notifications, so please message through etsy or send a direct email to me.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why I Drive Trucks

In three words, the reason I'll always be a pick up truck driver: FEED AND FURNITURE. 

You never know when your going to come across a truck load of furniture or some good junk! 

The last three weekends, I've hauled in a load of furniture from estate and garage sales! 
Of course there's always feed or fuel for equipment in the back of the truck, along with cows to check. The desk (above) was sitting on a couple of feed sacks!  
And this would be the reason my truck is filthy dirty - dusty back roads, pastures, and even my driveway. Every time I think about stopping at the car wash, there's always something in the back of the truck. 

This piece made it right in the house, with just a simple cleaning and found a home in the bathroom. 
So are you a pick up or car person? I've never owned a car and can't see myself driving one anytime soon. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pillow Talk!

Can we have a little pillow talk?

I've been busy the last couple of weeks working on some new items for my etsy shop. I have created some new pillow covers in several different styles from rustic country to shabby chic french farmhouse and elegant gold. I had a big photoshoot yesterday and all the items are now available in my shop. All the pillow covers are made to fit an 18 by 18 inch pillow form.

GypsyFarmGirl fall photoshoot

You can also see a glimpse of some of the other new products! I took over 200 pictures yesterday and listed nearly 4o new items in my shop, including the rope wreaths, buntings, bouquets, and ankle boots. 

GypsyFarmGirl rustic home decor
I live and work in a small home. I see people complain that their second home / weekend house is only 1000 square foot and think to myself how much I could do with 1000 sq ft! Storing lots of pillows is hard for me to do, so I thought I couldn't be the only one. You can easily transform the look of your existing pillows by slipping the covers over them. No need to go hide that pillow in the closet or behind the couch when you want to change them out for a different look. The covers have an envelope style back, like a pillow sham for your 18 inch pillows. They can easily be stored in a closet or drawer if you decide to change them out seasonally and being lightweight, they will ship more economically than bulky boxes. 
French Country Pillows
I have a couple of the damask print pillows on my couch now and a matching curtain in the living room. I thought of the colors as rustic red and tan until I read the fabric description online. They call it tan, taupe, coral and peach damask. How would you describe it? The damask fabric coordinates will with the elegant gold pillow with fringe and the rag wreath. The wreath has tan, gold, white, and damask print fabric, along with tan burlap and white and ivory vintage lace. Get the wreath and the pillow covers will ship for just 25 cents each! 

(The Kay-Bee seed sack pillow, above, and the camper and angel wing pillows will continue to come with pillow forms.)
French Country home decor
 Here's a couple close ups of the french letter and postage stamp pillow and the burlap scrambled alphabet.
scrambled alphabet burlap pillow

 Faux leather and turquoise fringe for your rustic country home! I always pick out fabrics that I like. I could pull off any of these looks in my living room. I guess thats why I like more neutral colors in my house, so that I can change a look by adding pillows or decorations.
Miss Gussie, the glamper,  was excited to get to show off for the photoshoot! Stay tuned to see more new items or head over to my shop to find them now. 
fall and rustic home and wedding decor


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Monday, August 3, 2015

Customer Pictures

I've had several customers tag and share their pictures on Facebook and Instagram recently, so I thought I would share them here with all of  you. 

Shayna shared pictures from her lime green, grey and black wedding. 
lime green, grey, and black burlap wedding

She is excited to be able to have her bouquets as keepsakes after the wedding. 

lime green, grey and black burlap wedding

Jennifer shared her boots and bouquets picture.  

boots and bouquets
Jane the Camper is showing off her new burlap and lace pillow. Loving all the decor in this glamper! 
Burlap and lace vintage camper pillow

She also ordered a pillow for her glamping sister! 
burlap and lace aqua vintage camper pillows

I was tagged on  Instagram in this picture and I love the Boots, Belts, and Bouquets! 
Burlap and Lace Bridal Bouquet by GypsyFarmGirl in Billow Blue

The Sharbono family recently celebrated with a ten year anniversary vow renewal. Aren't they an adorable family?

Burlap and lace bouquets and boutonnieres by GypsyFarmGirl

Delaynee shared this picture with me through etsy, from her wedding day. (Credit goes to her photographer for this picture.) She had a bouquet of turquoise and yellow burlap roses, along with feathers, lace and bling. 
turquoise and yellow burlap, lace and feather bridal bouquet

Thank you to all my wonderful customers for sharing and tagging me in your pictures! I love to see your pictures and am so happy you allow me to be a part of your special occasions! 

*All pictures in this post were shared by customers.


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