Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas in the Glamper

The Gypsy FarmGirl World Headquarters, aka my glamper, aka Gussie is getting a Christmas makeover this week! Twinkle lights, lanterns, candles, greenery, and lots of burlap and lace of course. I stayed with my neutral tones, with just a few pops of red mixed in. 

 Oh, I also used an entire package of coffee filters! I saw an idea on Pinterest to make a coffee filter tree and decided it would look neat on my cake pedestal, looking all rufflie and lacy. I wanted a simple, nearly Charlie Brownish style tree in the camper. Thanks to one of my friends for rescuing it out of a store dumpster and giving it to me! I wanted to be able to move everything around if I needed to, so I thought the cluster of trees on my tray would work perfect. It can always be moved to the bed, if I want to work in the front of the camper. 

I love my two lanterns. I saw these at Tractor Supply one year for $20.00 each. I didn't have a real "need" for them at the time, so I passed them up. Later in the year, they were on sale for ten dollars each and once again I passed them by. The next week, they were marked down to five bucks each! I decided for that price, I had to get them and let me tell ya, they have made their rounds as wedding decorations and now hang out in the camper.
Burlap poinsettias and red birds are nestled along the garland. I know I could have made the birds, but when I found a great deal on them premade, I jumped on it. 

It's all glowing and cozy, just the way I like it.
Now, here's a little sneak peek of the outside of the glamper. 

It's all rustic, junky, vintage, gypsy, farm girlish...I need to have another photoshoot and I'll share pictures soon! The south wind was trying to blow all my trees over this afternoon. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

As I sit here and think, I'm so thankful for all of y'all. Your outpouring of support, encouragement and trust in me is amazing! I am appreciative for all of you who have allowed me to create wedding bouquets and be a part of your special day. To the ones my wreaths grace your doors and walls, I say thank you. To the ones who always comment, like, share, pin and believe in me and my little business - you'll never know how much you mean to me. Four years ago, I started this business and told no one personally, I was afraid of failure. It was all social media and the folks I didn't know who believed in my dreams and supported me. Today, as I reflect back all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm looking forward to continuing down this path and dreaming about fantastic things to come in the future. 

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving day. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jennifer's Navy Burlap and Lace Wedding

I'm always excited to share and feature customer pictures. Jennifer sent me a few pictures from her recent Virginia wedding. She chose navy, tan, and cream burlap and lace bouquets and boutonnieres. 

This has to be the cutest little ring bearer! He is absolutely adorable!
Thank you to Jennifer for sharing pictures and letting me be a part of your wedding day! I send my congratulations and best wishes to you and your new husband for many years of love and happiness together!

(Photos above were provided by Jennifer. Her wedding photographer was Like Art Photography  on Facebook.)
Close ups of the bouquet and bouttonnieres.


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Monday, November 3, 2014

Burlap and Lace Tablecloths

It's no secret with my friends that I have been hoarding, I mean collecting vintage lace for a while now.  I have tubs of  lace, doilies, and mismatched curtain pieces gathered from estate sales and friends who have helped add to my collection. I've layered these pieces over burlap before and had an idea to sew the lace and burlap together to create ready made table cloths. 

I remember when I decorated for my in-laws 50th anniversary party last spring how several people were amazed at how I took my random lace pieces to create the look and felt inspired to bring the convenience to you.

These table cloths will be easy for anyone to set up for vintage themed weddings, parties, or showers. The 60 x 60 burlap fabric is dripping with layers of lace and accented with doilies. All you need to do is add a centerpiece! The lace is sewn to the burlap, although there is some allowance for bunching up the lace to expose more burlap. The table covers will work well with wooden spool tables as shown or card tables for your next event. 

After battleing with my sewing machine, I made five layered tablecloths this weekend that are now available in my shop. I hope to keep adding more to my inventory soon. 

Last year at Kadyn's outdoor Farm Wedding, we had planned to layer the tables with lots of lace, but didn't account for the wind blowing 30 mph. The lace can't blow away with these! 

Lots of lace ruffles...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Western Cowboy Rope Christmas Wreaths

I've had several people contacting me about the rope Christmas wreaths I made a few years ago. It's been a while since I made any rope wreaths, but this week I was able to get 6 new ones made and listed in my shop.

Christmas greenery, pine, holly, jute webbing, raffia, brown glittery sprays, and a horse show create this cowboy Christmas wreath. 

A little grit and glitz for this wreath as red and gold glitter ting and Merry Christmas sign are combined with rustic burlap and a team ropers lariat.

Snow frosted pinecone star ornaments are featured in this wreath with assorted greenery, berries, brown glitter ting, and a wide burlap bow.   

Red berries and glitter are prominent on this rope wreath. A Merry Christmas sign hangs in front of the burlap bow

This is the jingle bell wreath with greenery, holly, brown glitter ting, and burlap. 

This wreath isn't Christmassy, but it would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite cowboy or cowgirl. This wreath can be displayed year round as part of your western home decor. Assorted greenery and feathers are tied together with a burlap bow. 

I'm not sure how many more rope wreaths I'll be able to make this season and each are one of a kind, so grab 'me while they're hot off the press! Head over to my shop at to lasso your wreath today!