Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Save the Date - Backwoods Market at Blackstone Ridge

We are excited to announce that we have been selected to be a vendor at the Backwoods Marketplace at Blackstone Ridge this spring and will be joining with Angea from Rooster Tails for the event! 

A few weeks back, I was having a gloomy, cold, and unmotivated few days. I had got a big fat "no", to something we really were looking forward to. Cold and gloomy weather sucks the life out of me and I was having a major case of the blahs and everyone was announcing their big business plans for the new year. I questioned mine. What direction would my shop go in? New products? More of the same? Of course, the wedding business would continue on, but what other items would I make? Hmmm??? 

The morning after I had the most unproductive day ever, Jeff sent me a link to a Facebook page about vintage campers. I liked the page and looked around and was inspired! Things were looking up and I got in my workroom and got started on a wedding order. 

I was still thinking what's next? It was the after Christmas blues. After all, I had worked on Christmas off and on since July and had prepared for 2 fall craft shows and several Christmas events and I wasn't sure what to do with my newly organized work room and extra time. The thought crossed my mind "if only I had something to work towards, a deadline... Something to motivate me to create new and different stuff...." Most of the craft fairs in the area are all in the fall and it's hard to work on something that far in advance. 

 I walked to the kitchen for a glass of tea and came back to my workroom five minutes later and there was a Facebook notification that my sister in law had shared a link on my wall. I opened it to read about the Backwoods Marketplace looking for craft vendors for their spring show! It is a local market, wanting to support and show case handmade, vintage, primitive, shabby chic, repurposed crafters, which totally describes me! I know God was working on me and providing a way for me and Lisa was used as a messenger. Lisa had been to their fall market and said it was a wonderful experience at the Blackstone's old homestead. 
(Picture from last springs market.) 

I really got excited after reading on their group page and after being so gloomy the day before and not caring about talking to anyone, I came to life and started talking Jeff's ear off! It is a juried show and I would have to submit an application and hope they liked our stuff. 

I  text Angea from Rooster Tails, asking if she wanted to set up again together. Of course she said yes, that she was wondering what she could work on for spring as well. We both needed some direction and motivation. 

So, I submitted pictures from our 2 past markets and then I was expecting to wait several weeks on the announcement of who got into the four new vendor openings. (There are several returning vendors from their fall show, but they opened up space for 4 new partipants.) Well, the very next day, I got an email saying we were in! Our products and display was just what they were looking for and fit the look they were working to achieve! Yeeehaaaa! Wow! Hot diggity dog! 

I was talking to the lady who is organizing the event today and she said all the other vendors are trying to out do our booth setup from the Yamboree! That just upt the pressure and is motivating Angea and I to come up something even more creative and we will have a full day to set up, opposed to 2-3 hours! So it will be an exciting time as we prepare! Stay tuned for further announcements, exact directions (it will be located 7-8 miles outside of Gilmer, Texas) and what all we are working on. 


  1. Oh, Janice! I'm SO happy for you both. How wonderful, and you know? You and your friend will "outdo" everyone on your displays. I'm excited for you both!! xoxo

  2. P.S. Janice, I nearly cried when I saw that pic of the house. It comes closer than any I've seen that remind me of my grandmother's house. I spent every available time there with her as long as she lived. :)


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