Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016!

Wow, what a month October was!
Thank you to EVERYONE, who made this such a fun month!
Gussie the Glamper
From Miss Gussie, my glamper being in Mary Jane's Farm, special FarmGirl DIY Issue to being on the Junk Gypsy book launch team (#thejgblt forever) and road tripping with Sharlette
to the book signing and getting to meet Amie and Jolie at The Pink Pistol.
At the cross roads of wonder and wander

And then there was the #yamboree2016
with Angea aka Rooster Tails
 and Jeff (hand him your phone, to take our picture and ya get a selfie instead!)
 helping out and putting up with all my crazy shenanigans and the two of them about killing me with their "what not to recycle" bit. I survived and somehow manage to not spew pie out my nose, but I'm not sure how!
Don't know what I'd do without Jeff
or all of y'all who came out to support our handmade business
Gypsy Farm Girl and Rooster Tails Craft Fair Booth
And ride away on pink zebra stick horses 
and the ones who let me be a part of your weddings,
special events, 
Navy burlap and lace wedding bouquets by Gypsy Farm Girl
and shop my etsy store.

burlap and lace bridal bouquet with navy and coral burlap roses and lace

Also, thanks to Brenna (our niece)
and Lisa (my sister in law and second cousin - we are cousins, who married brothers!)
for helping at the Yamboree. I've got the best tribe
Thankful for my great tribe!
and I'm forever grateful for all of of YOU!!!

And because God made a Farmer 
 Here's a few pics from the farm
 And the new donkey, that we took a selfie, I mean felfie (farmer selfie) with!
We also had scarecrows riding carousel horses 
And lots of yam pie! 
And how could I forget my excitement when I found this full length leather coat for 25¢ while out Junkin'. No, that's not a typo - one quarter, 25 pennies, that's all it was and I love it!
We say good night and 

Sweet dreams, October. 
Dream BIG

Until we meet again, next year (Yes, the days on a 1967 calendar will line up with 2017!) 
You've been fun! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ol' Blue

Ol' Blue - I started driving our blue pickup truck, the winter I turned 4! Daddy would put it in "granny gear" and point me across the field. He would jump in the back and throw out square bales of hay to the cows and I steered her along. 
One day he specifically told me to "drive straight." Apparently the day before I drove crooked. I came to a large water / sink hole... Now being a four year old, scared to disobey, I decided I must "drive straight," because if daddy wanted me to go around it, he would have a.) pointed me in a different direction or b.) not specifically told me to "drive straight."

Well, when we got stuck, he ask why I drove into the big wet hole? "Daddy, you told me to drive straight!" We walked home and got the tractor...

 I've always been a farm girl! 

(I know I've told the story of Ol' blue before, but it's a favorite childhood story and I like to retell it from time to time!) 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cheyenne and Brant's Wedding

I recently designed flowers for Cheyenne and Brant's Wedding. 

Their chosen colors were light pink, white, and deep purple and I used roses, dahlias, astilbe, cushion mums, and assorted greenery. 
romantic bridal bouquet

The boutonnieres were made from deep purple callas. So thankful that they shared pictures from the wedding! So much of the time, I work from behind the scenes, so I love getting to see actual wedding pictures. 

Flowers by Janice East / Gypsy FarmGirl
The wedding party! I love that all the bridesmaids didn't wear the exact same dress and they were in various shades of pink and purple. 

Flowers by Janice East
Here's a close up of the bridesmaid bouquets. 
pink, purple and white bridesmaid bouquets

Boutonniere close up.

Thank you for letting me design flowers for your wedding and be a part of your special day! Sending my congratulations and best wishes to the new bride and groom!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gone Junkin'

Most Thursday's we are Gone Junkin'!
Angea and I meet up and search for treasures to repurpose and transform and then we have a "business lunch" to discuss all our ideas, the junk we found, and how we plan to decorate our market booths. 

Inspired by our love of junk, old trucks and vintage Glampers, here's a few new shirts and pillows available in my shop. 
We really need to find Miss Gussie a vintage turquoise or red truck to pull her with! 

Lots of new items are being added to my shop this week! Burlap stockings, pillows, and fun one of a kind clothing items are among the new pieces. 
It's 84° today, but this coat was my favorite junk find today! I mean seriously, I love it and getting to wear it is the only reason I want cold weather this winter! I knew I was getting it the moment I saw it and it just happened to be my size and matches my boots! 

We are gearing up for the Backwood's Marketplace, Christmas show, so mark your calendars and make plans to come Junkin' and Christmas shopping with us and all the other local artisans and vendors! If it's cold, I'll be rockin' my new coat at the market!