Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whats Blooming in my Yard

I took a few pictures of my yard this week. Things are really starting to bloom pretty and I'm loving all the color in the landscape.
This day lily started blooming a few weeks ago and many more of the lilies are budding.

 I have lilies planted along this rustic rope fence and scattered throughout the yard in different flower beds. I love that the day lilies are pretty much care free and I only have to water them in the driest parts of the summer.
This picture is when I first planted my wash tub.
While this is a picture from Sunday! The petunias have taken over and the fountain grass is really growing. I tried growing ranuculas (orange flowers) for the first time this year and they didn't seem to last very long at all. The petunias are filling in really nicely though and you can't tell that part of the flowers have faded away. I doubt I will try the ranuculas again.

Here's a wide view of the yard when standing in front of the gazebo.

Did you notice my "new" lawn mower in the picture above? Hee Hee...I got it from my uncle's estate sale a year or so ago and had it in the greenhouse and decided it needed to be displayed.

The catalpa trees have been covered in worms and last weekend we went fishin'. I love fishin' with my cane pole with catalpa worms and caught a dozen fish and released them in our other pond.
 Pansies fill this vintage crock on my porch with lilies, and thyme filling in around it.
Larkspur and lilies are two of my favorite spring flowers...
I'm curious, what is your favorite spring flower?


  1. I love Larkspur. That flower makes you realize how many different shades of purple there are! I also like Zinnias, they're tough and colorful.

  2. LOVE that washtub full of flowers!!! Love how it looks Girl!
    Favorite flower? Wisteria....hands down..


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