Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Farmall H and the Answer

I took this picture recently when I went out back in my husband's junk. This is an old Farmall H tractor that he got at the auction.

As far as the answer about the space ship landing in the hayfield...Donna from Cottage Days got it right off the bat. I was driving my father-in-law's much newer tractor than this H, that had a glass cab, air conditioning, and a radio. The round object in the picture was a reflection of the steering wheel in the glass as the sun was settting from the west and I was looking east. No aliens landing in the hayfield!


  1. Good for Miz Donna!!! Wouldn't have guess That!Hahaaa....No aliens then? Drat!!

  2. Well shoot, I knew Donna would be disappointed at no aliens. HAHAHA

  3. LOL, the aliens were hiding out behind the tree and the hale bales!


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