Friday, May 11, 2012

Chives and Dandelions

 This year we didn't plant a big vegetable garden, but I do have a few pots of herbs and some tomatoes growing in a rusty trash can.

This is one of the chive flowers. They are really tiny lavender blossoms. I like being able to cut fresh chives to go with a baked potato for supper or to season food while I'm cooking.

This dandelion flower is pretty much just a weed, but yet it has a pretty bloom! It was begging to be photographed ;)

I'll never forget what my college ag teacher told us about a weed. He said anything growing where it is unwanted is a weed...Your grass growing in my flower beds is a weed, My flowers growing in the cow pasture is a weed.


  1. Beautiful shots Janice and good advice!

  2. Lovely photos! And that is so true about "weeds."

  3. Dandelions may be "weeds" but they also give flight to fun and imagination. Never knew herbs could give such a pretty flower. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. Love your chive and dandy photos. I like the symmetry of the dandelion fluff. I always say weeds are flowers dressed in everyday clothes (or the reverse, flowers are just weeds in dress-up clothes)!


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