Saturday, May 12, 2012

65 Ford Custom Cab

Donna at Cottage Days inspired me with a picture she posted this week. She spurred me to get "out back" in my husband's "junk" and take a few pictures! We have lots of rusty, junky, items in the equipment yard from old trucks and farm implements, to vintage tractors. I might just have to start photographing them all!

This 1965 Ford Truck was my husband's first truck. He got it running in his high school shop mechanics class and drove it for a while. Now he has dreams of restoring it back to running condition someday.
 A few wild berries are growing up through the grill of the truck. I call these wild black berries "Junk Berries", since they grow up around the rusty treasures!. If enough wild berries ripen at the same time, we can have a fresh Junk Berry Cobbler! I saw several berries tonight as I took pictures, so we might need to buy some ice cream in anticipation of hot cobbler!

I took these photos this afternoon late and edited it Picasa, using the 1960's effect, after all its a 60's era Custom Cab Ford 100.

I do hope that one day we can take this truck for a ride, preferably pulling a vintage style camper behind it!
I keep searching for an old rounded style camper or airstream to fix up and decorate and I'm having no luck finding one for sale in this part of the country.


  1. these are great, janice. :) junk berry cobbler!

  2. ROFL! Thanks for the shout-out and I'm tickled pink that I got you inspired! These photos are great and show a true love for all that is good and rusty!!!

  3. LOVE!!

    Now, you got me wanting cobbler AND ice cream.

    Hope you're having a blessed Sunday, Ms Janice!!

  4. I love it! The berries growing out of the grill is the best!

  5. Totally awesome pictures of that old truck. It would be great to go for a ride in that old fella again. I found some old antique cars and a couple of trucks and finally had time today to stop and take a few pics of them.


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