Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rustic Burlap Wedding Bouquets

"Where there is love, there is life." -Mahatma Gandi

This spring has been full of love, life, and wedding planning for many brides-to-be! 

I am happy to help create burlap and lace wedding bouquets and boutonnieres for the many couples planning the big day! Turquoise and navy burlap bouquets have once again been the most popular options, although a few new color combinations have been requested recently. 

Gypsy Farm Girl Burlap and Lace Wedding Bouquet
Turquoise Burlap Bridal Bouquet
Some brides are choosing to carry a smaller bouquet for themselves - in this case, the bride was carrying the medium size bouquet.
rustic wedding bouquet
Medium and small navy burlap and lace bridesmaid bouquets.

The following arrangements were part of a large custom order. The particular day I was working on them, I had a case of spring fever! I told myself I couldn't go outside and work in the yard till the order was finished, so I was happy to get them photographed before sunset and have a little outside time. 
rustic wedding bouquet
Toss, small bridesmaid, and bridal bouquet in navy, white, and tan burlap. 

rustic wedding boutonnieres
Hunter green burlap boutonnieres
 This was a new color combination! Lavender and hunter green for the bridal bouquet, with all the bridesmaids and boutonnieres with just the green, tan, and white burlap roses.

rustic burlap bouquets
The bride's attendants are carrying hunter green burlap bouquets, while the bridal bouquet has the addition of lavender roses. 

 Now this order had a LOT of boutonnieres! I've had several customers coming back and ordering extra bouts, because they forgot someone in the wedding party. I created a check list to help you determine who all needs a boutonniere in your wedding, that can be found here.

Confession: I forgot to make a boutonniere for my own wedding, so no judging if you need to come back and order more! I'm here to help YOU!
burlap and lace boutonnieres
 Burlap and Cotton...perfect for a rustic country wedding!
rustic country burlap and cotton wedding flowers
Burlap, lace, and cotton wedding flowers.
 This set of turquoise bridesmaid flowers went along with all the boutonnieres and the cotton bridal bouquet.
rustic bridesmaid bouquets
turquoise bridesmaid bouquets

 Small wristlet corsages for the flower girls to wear - for the young children, I can use a velcro wrist band that takes up smaller, while adult size wristlets come on a pearl style bracelet / band.

rustic corsages
wristlet corsages

coral and turquoise wedding flowers
Rustic turquoise and coral  bouquets - small, medium, and bridal size arrangements.
Cake Flowers! Several wedding planners have ask for flowers for the cake. This was a set of assorted turquoise flowers.

This order had maroon and butter yellow cake flowers, boutonnieres, and a toss bouquet. 
maroon and gold burlap flowers
This was a 6 inch cake topper - displayed on a little pedestal, since I don't have wedding cake ;)
rustic cake flowers
Cake topper.

Lavender burlap and lace bridal bouquet
Lavender burlap and lace bride's bouquet
 This was another new color combination! Charcoal / dark grey, turquoise and white toss bouquet and boutonniere. Several weddings this spring have been elopements and wanted smaller bouquets to slip in the luggage and skip out of town! I've also had several last minute request and rush orders this spring and I always try my best to be accommodating. If you're in a hurry, please don't hesitate to ask!
rustic turquoise and grey wedding flowers
 I did have a little oops moment and accidentally made the wrong size on one item in - I did catch it before I ever sent pictures to the bride and remade the correct arrangements for her. Although that left me with a bridal and toss bouquet and groom's boutonniere that are  made and ready to ship. I had used up the last of a cut of vintage ivory lace on this set, so I had to start completely over and remake all three pieces for the order. You can find this set in my etsy shop. If you need additional pieces, I can make them with a similar lace.
ready to ship wedding flowers
Ready to Ship Wedding Set 
 Sunflowers and burlap roses... what can I say? Always a favorite of brides and myself!
rustic bridal bouquet with sunflowers and burlap
Sunflowers, burlap roses, feathers, pearls, lace, dried wheat, and assorted foliage.

I would love to help create bouquets for your wedding! Many different color combinations and sizes are available, so if you don't see your color combination, ask and we will work to make it happen for you! Message me on etsy with your custom request!

So thankful for all the couples who have allowed me to create flowers for their wedding and looking forward to helping design bouquets for you! 

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