Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Old House

I had to take a little business trip into the neighboring town yesterday morning. I threw my camera in the truck, not knowing what might beg to be photographed on my road trip.

Right before I got to the sale barn, I spotted this rustic old house. I stopped, grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures!

I LOVE those turquoise windows! swoon

Here's a little sepia version of this old house.

It was a great little road trippin', country music blastin' on the radio, boots and holey jeans, gypsyfied, garage sale huntin' (only found one), business trip kind of day! 


  1. Love all three versions! I, too, love those window frames. In the southwest, it is believed that turquoise color or bluish/green keeps the evil spirits away.

  2. Well, goodness gracious that could have been my grandmother's house; seriously, before they finally tore it down. I cried the first time I was over there and saw the bare yard. So many memories in that old house. I love these photo's. :)

  3. Love the shots Janice! You Never know when you'll need your camera!

  4. It's a real jewel you found Janice. I'll bet whoever painted those windows was singing while they were doing it!


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