Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday's are for Junkin'

Thursday's are our Gone Junkin' day, aka girls day, aka shopping trip, aka business meeting (lunch at LaFinca), aka board meeting (planning out our booth spaces, junk transformations, etc), aka vintage market day and lots of fun!

Angea and I meet at our favorite little vintage market. We shop there first - Angea being the early bird, she gets a newspaper and we plan our garage and estate sale route, then we end with lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant. Some days there are good finds, some days it's not so good. Today, was a good day - lots of boxes and sacks in my back seat! Most of the sales were in dark barns today, since it was so cloudy and dreary, but that didn't stop us.  Ok, I will admit one dark barn was kind of weird in a creepy way and we left quickly without buying anything. That's the good thing about shopping in pairs and we vowed to never go back to that location. We both found boxes of vintage lace today, which is always exciting!

I can't pass up pretty vintage lamps, candlesticks, doilies, or silver platters
Or a very vintage flour sifter and bundt pans, or macrame or a gorgeous blush pink lace dress (so much gorgeous trim on it that will look fabulous in wedding bouquets.)
My mind is busy plotting what I will do with everything! I've got a few ideas and some things will likely show up in our Uniques and Antiques booth (exciting news coming soon about it) in Mineola. 

P.S. There's is a new batch of Gone Junkin' sleeveless shirts and distressed, bleached flannels available in my Etsy shop now! 

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  1. You stay so busy, and I know for the most part you love it! When we love what we do, we do it well. Congrats!


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