Thursday, May 26, 2016

Junkin Addict and Two Women and a Hoe Features

So I'm scrolling through Facebook on Tuesday and up pops my rusty tin buckets and gazebo in my news feed. I'm like "hey, that's my yard!" I follow Junkin Addict on facebook and she had shared a picture of my gazebo from a few years ago! Although, it was a friend on facebook, that I met through the Backwoods Marketplace, that had shared the post from Junkin Addict. A crazy web we weave on the internet and the algorithms of just how our post are all seen (or not seen, but that's a whole other story)!

Well of course I'm excited to see a page I follow share our yard and several new friends came over to my Facebook page (even though there was not a link to me on her share.)

Now today (Thursday), I was making my afternoon check on Facebook and there was the rusty, bottomless bucket in my news feed, this time by Two Women and a Hoe! They were sweet and kind to share a link to my blog post and the tutorial of how I recycle a bottomless bucket into a hanging flower basket.

Even though the pictures were from 2012, its still fun to see my projects get featured from some popular gardening pages! So if you are new here at GypsyFarmGirl, "Howdy!" Would love for you to follow along with all of our adventures! A little back story on the gazebo - we rescued it from a trash ditch, seriously! There was actually two - our friend saw them, stopped and ask if he could have them, ask us to help load and haul them, in exchange for one of them. A few years later, we junked it up with a fun makeover! In 2012, I made a commitment to no longer have plastic or store bought flower pots in my yard. If they were plastic, they had to be hidden in other containers, hence the reason for the tutorial on how to plant in vintage containers and bottomless buckets. Buckets, cracked crocks, old wheel barrows, and chicken feeders were all salvaged and repurposed into flower containers and my yard in lovingly called The Junk Yard!

Here's a few pictures from the junk yard this spring -


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  1. Everything always looks so pretty at your place, Janice. Not only do you come up with great ideas, you surely have a green thumb as well!


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