Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Summer Garden

While out watering my yard tonight, I decided to snap a few pictures of the flowers.

First up: Cosmos and Zinnias started from seeds in my greenhouse during late winter. These are by my steps at our front door.
pink cosmos and zinnias

This little grasshopper likes the zinnias a little too much as well.

grasshopper in zinnia
So what does one do when the rusty wheelbarrow completely falls apart? Use it as art in the flower beds to frame the flowers of course! You didn't think I would throw it away did you? The base was used to prop up zinnias that were falling into the path. No good junk goes to waste!
Rusty garden frame
Sadly, this is the last day lily of the season.
The last lily of 2012
The creeping jenny is cascading over the bundt pan on the vintage bicycle, just like I hoped it would. It seems like everything was covered in an insane amount of dust tonight. We are "suppose" to get rain this week, and I sure hope we do. Its been a few weeks since we got a good rain, but we are so thankful things are not nearly as bad as last year.
vintage bicycle with creeping jenny
I tried a different way to upload my photos tonight... if you noticed any difference, please let me know if they load better, worse, slower, faster, ect. I also played with blog buttons and html code, so here is my first button! Fingers crossed it works right!



  1. It's been raining here since yesterday evening! Hope we can get a few more drops today!
    Love the cosmos!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers, Janice.

    Since I'm on dial up, I can't really say if the pics loaded better or not. In fact, this morning I can't get them all to load, but that's just me probably.

    Hope you have a wonderful day! :)


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