Friday, July 27, 2012

Butterflies in the Yard

I've been on vacation this week. We haven't gone anywhere, but just taken time to do things around the house and farm this week. I was out watering one morning and noticed this butterfly flittering about the flowers. I snapped a few pics with my ipod, then it struck me - go get your good camera. So I did! I had the time and this photogenic butterfly entertained me for a while.
 I didn't start many seeds in my greenhouse this year, but zinnias were among the ones I planted. I know from past experience, the butterflies like zinnias and I like butterflies. I planted the zinnias around the gazebo and front steps where I would be able to see and photograph them.

 All of a sudden, two butterflies came into view!


  1. What gorgeous photos of butterflies! Is the third photo the same butterfly as the first one? Or is it a completely different butterfly? Do you also have a butterfly bush? That attracts them too!

  2. Great photos, sweetie! The butterflies and flowers sure are pretty!

  3. Beautiful photos, Janice! Wow, truly great photography!


  4. And they are all Gorgeous Janice!!!

  5. Great pictures! You have such a creative eye and have gotten very good with your good camera! I may have to get you to give me some lessons. I'd still love to take you to the Dallas Arboretum. Let me know when you have time.


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