Sunday, February 9, 2020

Moss Covered Reverse Canvas

Have you ever seen something in a quick glance, can't stop thinking about it, then we you go back to find it, it's nowhere to be found? 

One day, I unlocked my phone and Facebook was open and I saw a beautiful reverse canvas with moss on it. Of course, we were in the middle of cow feeding and I just saw it at a quick glance, loved it, but didn't share or save it. I couldn't stop thinking about it though. I've recently started following a few new pages, so I went and checked to see if it was on one of their pages - nope. I stalked a few friends pages, whom I thought might have shared it - nope, not to be found. I even ask my friends on Facebook, if anyone remembered seeing or sharing it. Still didn't find it. I even searched on Pinterest, where I did find some beautiful reverse canvases, but still not  exactly what I had saw.

I couldn't stop thinking about them. This weekend, while waiting on some supplies to come in, I found myself with a couple of hours of time to just craft whatever I wanted. I had a couple of 8 x 10 canvases and decided to make my own version! 
I call this one "flourish" 

I had everything on hand to make the frames, including 
dried flower stems, bird nest, eggs, twigs, twine, scrapbook paper, feathers, pine cones, seed pods, burlap, pearls, and of course moss. 

reverse canvas frame
This one is called "Life is Beautiful." I deconstructed a pine cone to recreate 3 pine cone flowers on the corner of the frame. I found the real bird nest in the bushes, where birds nested last year (I wouldn't have stolen a nest that was in active use and do not advise it.) 
I'm pretty excited about how these two turned out! Still not sure what I'm going to do with them - they can be set on a shelf or if I find my little easels (that are hiding somewhere in this house) they can be displayed setting on one of them.

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