Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Spring!!!

 Hello, Spring! You make me sooooooo happy! It's my absolute favorite time of the year! Spring flowers, magical light, fresh air, new life, warmth, did I mention sunlight and flowers, being outdoors more, green grass, renewed energy, not freezing to death... It's a happy time of year. This winter has been tough, but brighter, happier days are ahead, I just know it.

For the last few weeks, I've been gathering up a few plants when I'm in town and starting to work in the yard some. Dang, it's been a mess and needs some attention. Anyways, here's one of the rusty, bottomless buckets! I recycle and use trampoline springs to hang the buckets (and sometimes lanterns) in from the gazebo. We brought in a tool box with random items in it one time and the springs were a part of that collection and they've been put to use.
I had to go on a supply run for my shop, but somehow my truck turned into the garden center on the way home ;) I found a few things I've been wanting and came home and was able to work in the yard for a little while! 
Did I mention fresh air, sunshine, and playing in the dirt? Oh it was magical and peaceful! 

I created a little video on how I planted herbs in this old bird cage. Hope you enjoy it. 

(I really need to work on my video skills, but hey, we try. My phone cut off and I had to start back up...#reallife) 

 For the time being, the birdcage is hanging from the gazebo. Not sure if that's where I'm going to leave it or not, as I'm still planting a few more things and getting everything arranged like I want it...

Is this not the tiniest little fern you've ever seen??? It was so cute and I just had to have it, because I knew it would be perfect for that clay pot! 

Stay tuned, I promise to share more gardening pictures, videos, and tips this spring. Until next time, Happy Spring and Happy Planting! Go get your hands in the soil! 

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