Monday, April 3, 2017

Things we love...

We only make and collect the things we love! As the final days of preparation for the Backwood's Marketplace are underway, we've got lots of things to finish up and tag, before we start loading the trailers. We are drawn to the things we love and make us happy and hope you will love them too. If not, well I guess I'll just have to bring them home and keep them in my yard. 

This time, we have added some plants to our area. Angea and I picked up a truck load last week and now we keep saying "oh, this would look good here... I need that chandelier...and those chairs..."

Can you feel my pain?!? I mean these chippy chairs and gorgeous plants look right at home in my yard! I'm thinking we should have got more plants, because we want to keep half of them. We may be like BlueBell Ice Cream - eat (plant) all we can and sell the rest!

I mean this succulent chandy fits perfectly under my tree. For years I've dreamed about having trees large enough to hang things from them and its finally happening. Bird cages, chandeliers, and lanterns can hang from our trees in the yard. 
But I must remember we are Flower Peddlers and must share our pretties with all of you! That is why we've been junkin' and collecting things for months. This old bike is one of our recent finds. I even found an original bike basket that attaches to the back of it, so it will hold several plants! 
I've been having fun using my new cutting tool to cut out fun shapes and repurposing random items into yard art! Jeff even let me use his riveter, so I have been able to attach the pieces together. 

Tin campers, truck, wings, birds all created from reclaimed items. 
Some buckets that we found at a farm estate sale. - Some will have plants in them! 
See - I love the chandeliers hanging from the trees! Now, do understand why I say it's going to be hard to load some of these items? 
These items are already loaded in the camper, so they will be there! 
Angea and I will have an Americana and Texas themed section of our area with flags, wreaths, cemetery pieces, art work, baskets arrangements and the such. 

Rustic frames made from reclaimed lumber and vintage lace will hold old photos or documents. The wood camef rom my Granddaddy's old barn

Sunshine is always Welcome and this wreath is cheerful yellow! We will have wreaths in an assortment of colors and styles. 
Roots and Wings... more things I love and hope you will too. 

So the details: 
~Backwood's Marketplace 
~April 8-9 Saturday 10:00 till the last customer leaves. Sunday 1:00 to 4 ish
~Beautiful spring weather forecast for a wonderful weekend! 
~That's us on the poster, with our booth from last spring. ( And when I say "booth" I mean camper and two tents with stuff spilling out everywhere!) We've got lots more items this time, so come see for yourself what all we will have! 
~What you won't find - mass produced items being pulled out of a box from foreign countries. All items are handmade or repurposed by all the artist and creators. 
~FREE parking and admittance! Bring a chair and enjoy a day in the country! 

From Ms. Carla Blackstone about the Market -

The Backwood's Marketplace is a group of artists, designers, crafters, and collectors who come together twice a year to sell their work at the old Blackstone Ridge Homestead. They have been juried to maintain the quality of the show and their work reflects this. The marketplace is not what you expect to find at a common craft show, it is so much more. Each one of the group sets up large areas in a themed atmosphere. It almost looks like an outdoor mini-mall. The theme for this marketplace is "yester-year in the backwoods."

A group of western Upshur County family and community researchers set up in front of the research room. They have books of old documents, pictures, and family histories for you to go through. If you have deep roots in this area, you will want to bring a chair and spend awhile visiting with this group. The Outlaws, a cowboy group, will be at the old homestead from 1-4 on Saturday afternoon for "conversations" about this area and picture takin'.

The concession area is always a great area to sit and enjoy the "country atmosphere", while enjoying some great food.
The marketplace will be open 'til dark or after (until the last customer leaves). The old homestead is so pretty and cool in the late afternoon.

This FREE event is made possible by Blackstone Ridge Small Engine Center L.L.C. It is located at 9553 FM 49, nine miles west of Gilmer, Texas. 

We love being a part of this group and being able to take part in something like this that is only a few miles from our home. (Less than 10 minutes through the backroads!) We do hope you can come out and say hi! 

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  1. We'll sure try to make it out to see all the pretties and visit with y'all!


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