Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sweet Lil' Things

I love baby calves, more especially when they let you pet them and take selfies with you! This sweet lil' thing was born Monday. Our cows aren't pets, but this baby girl's mother is one of my favorites. Some cows will hide their baby in the brush and woods for a week before bringing them out with the herd. Not 35, she always likes to show off what she made! She came running up to the feed line, joyfully showing off her baby, just a few hours after it was born. While mom ate feed, I got to pet the baby and take a picture. 

I remember 35's first calf. I had been asking her for a while, "when are we gonna have a baby, 35?"  I had fed all the cows their feed and was checking / counting the herd. 35 ate her feed in a hurry and took off trotting across the field, looking back, to make sure I saw her. I followed her in the feed truck and she proudly showed me her new baby, as if to answer my question with "now!" Her babies always have the best eyelashes, cutest little ears with a few wispy white hairs, and speckles on their noses!  
She was likely born during the rain or just shortly thereafter. I wish I had a recent picture, to show just how low this pond was. Let's just say, it was very low and Jeff had been driving the tractor on this side of the pond dam, that is now under water. We haven't had significant rainfall since summer and it was beginning to really concern me. While it's not full by any means, I'm still very thankful for the nice rain this week. (It's raining as I type!) 

A couple of other little calves came to check out the new girl! So what should we name this sweet lil' girl? 

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