Monday, March 28, 2016

Cedar Wax Wings

Last week, on one of my many trips outside, I noticed a huge flock of pretty birds in the variegated bush in the yard. It was a grab your big girl camera and zoom lense moment! We later determined they were cedar wax wing birds and they stopped in to completely remove all the berries off this bush / tree in the yard. 

At times, there was several dozen birds in the tree and several more waiting their turn in nearby trees. 
About 12-13 years ago, I planted this bush, from a small one gallon pot and now it stands about 15+ feet tall and has a huge canopy. There was a sweet lady who we went to church with and she had one on her yard and I just loved it and had to plant one for myself. It reminds me of variegated pittosporum, although I think it's got another name. I'm glad the tree can be beneficial to the wildlife and I was able to capture a few shots of their visit. 
To me they are pretty and have such unusual markings, the mask on the eyes, the red drops on the wings and the tip of the tail feathers looked like it has been dipped in yellow paint.
I'm glad I was able to pause a few minutes and enjoy watching them and capture the moment. 

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  1. You really did get some great shots, Janice. I love these pics. :)



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