Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Dress Form and My New Model

If you follow on Instagram or Facebook, you already know that I battled a decision to buy a dress form this week. It was a classic case of Want vs. Need. 
I have wanted a dress form for a long time and they were 50% off. 
But, did I really need it? Where was I going to put it?

After posting the question on Instagram and wandering around the store, I kept thinking yes, no, yes, no. My buggy was over flowing and wouldn't hold her. I checked out and went to my truck with my other purchases, only to return right back into Hobby Lobby and went and grabbed her up! She got to ride shotgun on the way home! 

She's now found a home in Gussie the Glamper, modeling a vintage wedding dress! Last night at 9:00, I was inspired to get out in the camper and clean and dress my girl up. I hadn't worked in the camper, since was before Christmas, so it was good to get out there and do something creative.

 I decided she was needed as a model for my shop and now she's dressed in her garage sale finest vintage lace wedding dress and a strand of pearls! 
rustic burlap wedding bouquet
She started her modeling career with this  turquoise burlap and lace bridal bouquet.
burlap and lace wedding bouquet

 Next up was this white silk bouquet. Its perfect for your bridal portraits, can be carried on your wedding day, or used as a toss bouquet and is very economically priced and ready for immediate shipping.
calla, roses, and wisteria bridal bouquet
I'm glad I made the decision to buy the dress form and I'm excited about this girl helping me model bouquets! I think she needs a name though - what should her name be? 


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  1. Great idea to use her for modeling! I was thinking that when I first saw the picture of the form. She is really dolled up with the beautiful lace wedding dress, so how about calling her Lacy?

  2. Oh, I love her! You have done some amazing things since I've known you, Janice, but I think this takes the cake! I agree with Donna "Lacy" would be a great name. :)

  3. Well I named my dress form Tex....I do agree with the other comments that Lacy would be a nice name for her.. given weddings and all and your biz..... and by the way I think she was a NEED for you. I mean she can model all of your lovely bridal bouquets you make and sell! Yes you neeeeeeded her! Heck to my way of thinking she is even a tax write off .. I mean you do have a business related to what she is doing!! So see she cost even less than you thought she did! Yeppers she is a working girl.. She will be earning her keep! :O)

  4. Love it!
    Why her name is Gypsy, of course!!Hahaaa


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