Sunday, August 4, 2013


Around these parts, we refer to the evening meal as "Supper." Dinner is what you eat at midday. Occasionally it's referred to as lunch, if'n you are in town. 

Today, I felt inspired to cook a big supper. We usually don't eat too much in the evening time and hardly ever go out to eat. Tonight we are stuffed and have plenty of left overs for the week. (Read, I don't have to cook again anytime soon.) 

It all started with this Bloomin' Onion. I saw the recipe in Mary Janes Farm Magazine. Enlarge the picture to see the recipe better. Now, I'm not even a fan of onions, but this was good! I had to gather a few special ingredients at the grocery store today. We aren't fancy eaters and I had never used a few things this recipe called for, but I was up to trying something different. 
I really didn't know what horseradish was, but after looking around the store, finally found this root. Anybody know any other good uses for this thing or how to store it? One good thing about this recipe is the onion was baked, not fried, like at the popular restaurants. We rarely fry anything, in an effort to eat healthier. This root looks like the stem if a pumpkin! 

We grilled corn on the cob, a small beef arm roast, and fresh herb flavored hamburgers. We had bought the beef last week and then the Mr got sick, I was super busy, and it didn't get cooked during the week. 

Finally, for desert, we had apple crisp. Except, we are really too full to eat it! My husband complained that the green apples we had weren't very tasty, so I figured a little cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg would add some flavor. 

 I guess my inspiration for cooking was more about using up groceries on hand. I hate having to waste food. Now we have plenty of left overs to eat for dinner or supper this week. 

(You can find the grilled herb burger and apple crisp recipe on my Pinterest Food board.)


  1. Sure looks good! I love onions cooked that way, but not horseradish; it would burn me alive. :

    The apple crisp looks might fine too. :)

  2. Oh Lordy....this all looks Wonderful!

  3. Yum! I hate to waste food too.


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