Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chasing Down the Sun

 This afternoon on the way home from work and farm chores, I noticed the sun was setting with some spectacular views.
 I was driving down the backroads, without any traffic, so I was able to stop in the middle of the road and take a few pictures.
 I always keep my point and shoot camera with me in my purse for when scenes like these play out before me.
 The sky was just kinda blah at this point along the way, but then just a few miles closer to home, the sky opened up to this spectacular view!
 If you look close, you can see cattle silhouettes grazing in the field.
 All these picture are straight out of my little ol' camera (with the exception of cropping one picture). I hadthe camera set on the sunset option.
 I felt like I was chasing down the sun on my way home. I do believe country back roads make great places to photograph sunsets!

On another note, I'm worried about all the plants over the next two nights. We had all the signs of an early spring, with daffodils, jonquils, flowering quince, some tulip trees and bradford pear trees blooming in the area. Lots of other trees were beginning to bud, but now we are going to be dealing with 20 degree weather again. Arrrggghhhh.

This flowering quince is located at my brothers house and I took this picture about twenty minutes before the first sunset picture tonight.


  1. those are beautiful, janice. well worth the chase! :)

  2. Love where you live! No Traffic!!Hahaaa
    Gorgeous shots!
    We've got a few things budding out here as well...And the colder temps.
    Can't make up its mind!

  3. Beautiful sunsets! I hope that the freeze doesn't hurt everything down there! We've had a cold front come through too.

  4. Janice, these are gorgeous! You have such an eye for photography, and I always enjoy your photo's. I hope the cold didn't harm your plants. It was 25 here this morning, that's cold for Fla.


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