Monday, December 19, 2011

Handmade Man Gift!

Each year I try and make as many of my gifts as possible. Each year I struggle with what to give the men on my list. They do not care about decorating items, wreaths, picture frames, jewelry, or candles.

We didn't draw my Father-in-Law's name for the Christmas at their house this weekend, but I still wanted to give him a little something. My husband has been in love with these vintage inspired coke bottles and had drank a few of the cokes, so I had empty bottles. I decided to refill them with a few goodies!
 I looked for snacks that would fit in the bottles and came up with peanuts, red hots, and M & M's. I left one full bottle of Coke in the 4 pack. My f-i-l doesn't need a lot of sugar, so I got him some sugar free candy so he won't get in too much trouble and I'm sure he will share the other candy with his grandkids!
 A few ribbons to fancy up the bottles...
Now I'm not usually the type to use shiny wrapping, preferring to use more rustic tones, but I'm also a frugal person, who accidentally got this foil type wrapping several years ago. The roll has been in the closet for several years and its perfect to gift wrap baskets with, so I used it. The paper is more like a printed cellophane than regular wrapping paper.

 Now I have a little something for my f-i-l, we have left over candies and nuts to eat or make sweets with this week and my husbands is happy because he got to drink the cokes! Win-Win all the way around!

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  1. What a neat idea! I love how you whipped up this little surprise! SO pretty...I know he'll love it!


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