Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Means County Fairs!

Fall means that it county fair time! Our local festivities were held last week.
As a 4-H and FFA member growing up, I competed in the livestock show and have always loved this time of year. As an adult, I can't compete in the livestock events, but there are several other contest that I entered.
I entered the Yam Pie Contest in the footsteps of my Grandmama and Aunts. Needless to say, we have ate a lot of sweet potato pie during October! Sadly, my pie didn't place this year:( I think they must have dropped it or something.

I submitted five of my favorite pictures in the photography contest and my moth picture received an honorable mention! I was excited about that.

I captured a few pictures of my nephew exploring his first county fair! He didn't ride any carnival rides this year, but by next year, I bet he can convince me to join him on the hobby horses or bears, or motorcycles! In about 8 more years, he can follow in the footsteps of his dad and aunt and start competing in the livestock contest. (You have to be 9 years old or in third grade to show livestock.)

It was a fun week. I got my yearly corny dog and walked around the fair enjoying all the sights and sounds and sharing the festivities with my nephew and his mom for the first time.  I enjoyed the fair while it was here, but I'm glad town is back to normal now.


  1. Sorry about your pie. It sure looks good! Glad you had a fun day.

  2. But you DID get a Mention on your photo!! Congratulations!

  3. But OF COURSE they had to of dropped your pie for you not to win! C'mon! It looked delish! Can you believe that I have NEVER tasted a sweet potato pie? Does it taste like pumpkin pie? Glad you at least won something on your photo. Congrats!


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