Friday, September 30, 2011

Single Tree Farm Junk Curtain

So farm tools and upcycled junk has become popular decorating items recently. I guess I've been part of this movement long before it was trendy. As I promised in a earlier blog post, I am sharing part of my farm tool decorating ideas.

I got this single tree from my great uncles estate a few years ago. A single tree was used to hook a horse or mule to horse-drawn farm equipment such as a plow.
 As I was redoing my bathroom, I realized that the single tree was the same width as the window. We put a big rusty nail near the ceiling to hang the single tree on and the small curtain rod that was previously used on another curtain, slipped perfectly into the hooks. I made the curtain out of some material I found in the fabric bargain bin. I tied the curtain back with a few strands of raffia.
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  1. Great idea~ it turned out great! I host a decorating party on the weekends at my blog if you would like to come share sometime!

  2. Only YOU!! What a Super Idea!! I love how it ended up looking...
    Happy weekend Janice!

  3. Wow...very cool! Love it.

  4. You always amaze me! Love this, Janice. :)

  5. You just reminded me that there is a single tree in my basement. Gotta find a place for it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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