Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Countdown

19 days till the official first day of spring! Can I get a big Yeeeehaaaaw?

It really has started looking like spring this week: I have seen several tulip trees, Bradford pears, and elms starting to bloom. Some grass is starting to grow and the spring weeds are making am appearance, lawn mowers are getting ready to be fired up!

The sun was shining bright today and it felt so nice outside. We took an outside break at work to soak up a little sunshine this afternoon. I'm off tomorrow and hope that the weather is just as nice as today-I need a whole day to be outside doing whatever I want to do!


  1. YEEEhaaaaw!! Can't wait!!

    Hope you have good weather today! :)

  2. oh yes Spring is a wonderful season!! It has already begun here. Our garden is doing fantastic in this lovely weather!!! :)
    Have a fabulous day! xxxx~Kelsey


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