Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I like Periwinkles...

It's hot y'all! Farmall Man sent me a pic of our thermometer reading 109 degrees on Friday. But I will say I had rather have hot weather over freezing cold weather anytime.

I love my periwinkles in the yard because...

      • they are volunteers, self seeding from last years crop

      • I have not watered them one single time this year

      • same goes for fertilizer - nada zilch none

      • they are blooming beautifully in front of my steps with NO care
      • they can stand the heat and drought conditions

      • the dogs run through the patio and brush them with their tails and they tolerate the beating
  • the grasshoppers avoid the periwinkles in persuit of almost every other item in my yard
So that's a few of the reasons I didn't pull up these periwinkles that are growing out o the rocks in front of my steps and what elevates them to my list of favorite plants for my garden.

So do you grow periwinkles? What is must have plant?

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone
Lens: John S
Flash: Off
Film: Kodot XGrizzled


  1. Nope, not here, but then since my yard is taken over by WEEDS!! ACK!!

    That's why I enjoy coming here 'cause you always have the greatest pics of yours. Love all your yard. :)

  2. I had planted the whole front of the shop in periwinkle (Vinca) one year...they grew BEAUTIFULLY...They came back the Second year when in the Winter my BIL pulled them all up thinking he was helping me....GRRRRRR!!!!!
    They were the dark purple ones...
    Guess I'll try it again next year!
    Yours are Beautiful too...

  3. I love me some periwinkles cause they tolerate the florida sun! low maintenance means they might live in my yard!


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