Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks on the Lake

Last night I got to scratch two items off my unofficial Summer Bucket List! I don't know what all is on that list, but photographing a fireworks show and driving around the lake were two items on the list!
We chose to attend the fireworks show at Lake Hawkins and I loved the reflections in the water.
We are under burn and firework bans, although these professionally choreographed shows, presented by the towns were permitted.

 I had never been to this lake before, so we drove around the lake Sunday afternoon and scoped out the surroundings. We saw where the fireworks were being set up and found the "point" of the lake opposite the dam.
 I studied up on some manual camera settings and we headed back to lake around dusk. We got a spot on the point and I set up my tripod and prepared for the show.
 We enjoyed the patriotic show of fireworks and patriotic music and I am excited about how my pictures turned out.
 My camera settings that were set to f/11, ISO 100, and shutter speed set to Bulb. Some of the pictures were exposed 3 to 30 seconds. I used a few apps on my phone to help determine my settings. One day I hope to figure out all of the settings on my camera. I never knew anything about "bulb" till I got to reading yesterday on a blog.
I hope you are all having a Happy 4th Of July! Are you going to a fireworks show this year (or did you already attend a show)? Have Fun and Be Safe as we celebrate Freedom!  


  1. These are gorgeous! Smart girl to scout out the prime location beforehand! Thanks for the tips. I've never tried to photograph fireworks. And I have no idea where I have a bulb setting on my Nikon, LOL! Cross those important tasks off your summer to-do list and give yourself an "A"!

  2. Ms Donna - Bulb is a setting with the shutter speed...On my Canon, I rolled the shutter speed button all the way to the left. It allows the shutter to stay open as long as I held pressure on the shutter release button. It was all greek to me until I got to reading yesterday!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. Great job!

  4. Goodness gracious, girl! You have outdone yourself! I love these; gorgeous! So glad you got to go, and take these awesome photo's! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  5. I'll have to look for that dial on My Canon!
    LOVE these Janice!!!

  6. These turned out so well! I know a tripod is necessary for nighttime photos to turn out. I never heard of the "bulb" setting on a camera. What kind of camera do you use?

  7. new follower! you should be very proud- they are great shots!!!


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