Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Flossie the Donkey Takes Over and Made T Shirts

Flossie the Donkey had some silly shenanigans on social media totoday! She was feeling sad she hadn't been able to say Heehaw to y'all, recently, but she made up for it!

So here's how the day started:

Heeehaaaaw! Flossie here saying good morning y’all! 

It’s been a while since mom shared my picture and let me say hi, so I’m hijacking her post today. 😉Don’t ya think she should put my picture on a t shirt?!? She figured out how to remove the background from a picture she took of me and then framed me up with these cute graphics. 🌻

Your friend, Flossie

P.S. There still isn’t a donkey emoji. 🙄 What the heck is that all about???

While I was working on weddings,  a few of you played along with dear ol' sweet Flossie and said make the shirts, which led to printing and pressing a few new tees. Then we had to have a photo shoot for them, which also involved a Live Facebook Video 

We got the new donkey tees listed on etsy One is already in route to Florida and another custom request to be put on a raglan baseball style tee. 

Heehaw, It’s me again! Told ya I was taking over and guest posting today! 😃 My donkey heart ❤️is so happy! Y’all made my dreams come true and Mom put me on a shirt!!! Can you believe it?!? Lil ol’ me, is on a t shirt and now you can find me in the shop and she said if you didn’t see your size, she would make more.
The days are warming up, so I might’ve went over to the Etsy shop and marked all the flannels and long sleeve shirts on sale.
🤫 Shhhh, don’t tell mom I did it!
But ya know, a portion of all sales contribute to the donkey treat stash! So a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do! 🍏🥕😋  
Funny story about them: Mom was somewhere the other day and was digging in her purse, looking for her keys. Well, she found a couple of donkey treats instead. Some city girl was there and thought she was joking when she said she found donkey treats instead of her keys. 😂 We sure love Mom and her treats! ❤️
Now, let’s go see what other shenanigans we can get into today!

donkey t shirts

That silly donkey! Oh how we love her! If you don't see your size, just send us a message and we would be happy to make more donkey shirts for you! 

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