Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall Favorites Restocked and Something NEW in store!

You've been asking if I would be making more of the pumpkin tin signs and I'm happy to share that there are several now available in my shop! I left a couple of the pumpkins blank, so they are ready to personalize with your name or favorite fall saying.

fall fashion
Another batch of distressed flannels and denim shirts was also added this week! 
fall favorites
 The cold front this week dropped the temperatures and I was finally able to wear one of my cozy flannels! Most of the shirts are men's sizing, so they do run big. They are great to wear with boots and jeans or add a belt and wear with leggings as a long tunic top.
fall fashion

fall fashion

repurposed fashion and decor
 There's also some fall centerpieces and bridal bouquets that are ready to ship now.

Now, I would like to introduce you to a new item in my shop! The following necklace are a all unique, one of a kind pieces. You all know I have a love for vintage fabrics and the countless hours of handiwork that went into creating the tablecloths, scarves, napkins, hankies, etc. Instead of trashing a piece because of stains, I have cut out some of the embroidered flowers and created necklace pendents. Each necklace has a 1 inch round bezel and come on assorted chain styles. Some have a piece of vintage lace tied to them as well. 

bezel necklace with vintage fabric, paper, and flowers

bezel necklace

vintage embroidery necklace with red flower

This set was the absolute hardest product I have ever photographed! I used scrapbook paper that has definitions of memory, inspire, and flourish, along with a piece of dried babies breath. Since this is my first experience with the bezels and resin, all the necklace can all be described as "perfectly imperfect." The babies breath gives these necklaces a 3D effect, as it raises out of the resin a little bit. The embroidered fabric also adds a texture opposed to thin paper creating the design... Definitely a learning experience with these!
resin necklaces with flowers

inspirational jewelry
 All the items pictured are currently available in my etsy shop, with worldwide shipping. There are some similar items in our Uniques and Antiques booth in Mineola, Texas. For local friends, send me a message and I can meet or deliver for you .

Hope you all have a Happy Fall!

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